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How to find a powerful source in yourself

Personal power is an important source that we need to survive and achieve in this world. We can strengthen our belief in ourselves by finding a ‘Powerful Source’ within ourselves.

It is very important to develop own self-confidence and inner strength. Here are Six Important things we can do to strengthen our ‘Personal Power’.

1. Meditation – Yoga: Through meditation, we can strengthen our mind and get rid of the noise that we get from this world. Yoga is also an effective way of getting rid of our stress and make sure we get into the right mindset. If we are under stress, these activities will help us to stay focused. It is highly recommended that we start the morning with meditation and think about ‘the goals’ that we want to achieve and throughout the day, after lunch we can practice Yoga to relieve the stress from the body.

2. Vigorous Exercise – Gym & Swimming – Being physically strong is an important part of being mentally strong, when you are physically strong and attractive you feel sexier more confident with yourself, that will help you increase your self-esteem as a person. If you want to look fantastic go to the gym for 1-2 hours five days a week, hire a gym instructor most gym have free trial sessions and find a personal trainer that will guide you to what to eat and get you in the best shape possible. Also, swimming, not just relaxing on the beach, doing 20 laps a day will get you tremendous shape and help you stay energised throughout the day. Exercise releases happy hormones in your body, making you feel good, sexier, more confident and also make your body function better and look good, when you look good and feel good, you will develop a higher self-esteem.

3. Listen to lectures and stay motivated – There are a lot of great books on motivation, however do not just rely on motivation books. Go watch documentaries and listen to people who have succeeded in real life, motivation is just hype, learn from the successful people, by attending seminars or watch seminars online. Learn from the people who have already reached success to see how they are doing things. It is very important to constantly feed your mind with positivity to keep you motivated. Seek powerful and successful friends who will motivate you to become your very best.

4. Read books – Reading good books is similar to having a conversation with an experienced person or an expert. Make sure you read good books, by published authors. Stay away from google articles a lot of what you read online are not authorised, only go to trusted websites such as Dr Phil or Oprah, there are a lot of negative information on the internet, learn to pick out what is good or bad. Ignore the negative ones and buy books which are highly recommended, ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ is a brilliant book and perhaps the best motivation book on maintaining friendship. This is the book I recommend for all of you. ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill is also a great motivation book and it will help you to develop your personal power. Modern day Life Coach such as John C. Maxwell and Tony Robbins are brilliant speakers, whereas Zig Ziglar and Jim Rohn all have contributed greatly in the field of motivation. Motivation opens the door to self-confidence and the seminars and good books help you stay motivated. Lastly the best way to stay motivated is by doing, the more you take action the more likely you are to achieve things, so take more action to achieve more results.

5. See adversity as a strength builder – Mentally strong people usually have experienced a lot throughout life and this helps them to understand life, thus giving them a strength to cope with difficult situations. Do not see your previous failures or hard upbringing or your past experiences amed of, see it as challenges that have made you stronger. Remember the hardest iron is made in the ‘hottest’ fire, we grow through adversity, instead of being afraid of what might go wrong, believe in yourself and believe that through your strength you can overcome anything.

6. Have friends that support you – It is very important for us human beings to have the support and connection from others, so as we go through life, we need to build connections with others maintain close relationships with people. When we work hard and respect others, we will gain the support of the people who admire our efforts, we need to be kind to others and do our own job well. This way we will attract the right people into our lives, the right people that support our dreams will encourage us to be the best we can thus through their love and support we will develop a powerful source of believe in ourselves that we can achieve anything we put our heart and mind to.