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In this article, we are going to show you, how you can use your ‘unique talents’, your God given gifts to accomplish your dreams and in the process, while achieving your goals, you can build your own character to develop your own ‘unique’ personality that is original and ‘only you’. Building a ‘unique’ personality will help you throughout your lifetime, it is similar to building your own ‘business’, the two complements one another.

A great personality will not only help you in areas such as politics, art, entertainment, music , it will also help you in Tech, a strong sense of character such as Tesla, Space X and the original PayPal CEO, Elon Musk can be defined by his personal belief of “if something is important enough you should do it, even if the odds are in your favour.” All success stories are built around ‘character, uniqueness, hard work, good ethics and special stories’; Larry Ellison of Oracle, Starbucks, Walt Disney, Facebook, the recent hospitality phenomenon AirBnB started by young Serbian immigrants, they are all examples of how humble men with dreams and they went out and pursued them. Like Walt Disney said, “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” They all ‘pursued’ there happiness and they found it by working hard to make the dreams that they have envisioned into ‘reality’. These unique businesses and the stories of the CEO’s that created these companies defines the ‘American spirit’ of courage and not being afraid to go for your dreams.

Here are 3 ‘Golden’ core principles to creating a ‘Unique Personality’, you can them to build your brand, you can use them to build your own ‘character’ and you can even pass these doctrines onto your friends and family as well as people who you really care for and want them to succeed. Wherever you go these vital ‘principles’ will help you grow into the type of person that you wish you want to become. Celebrities such as Jackie Chan, Walt Disney, Michael Jordan, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, LeBron James, Angelina Jolie they all follow these rules to build their strong personalities. Are you excited? Let us begin!

1. Building your ‘own’ unique personality first comes from a strong belief in your own talents, understanding what you want and having a clear set of dreams and goals that you want to accomplish:

We are going to use Muhammad Ali, ‘The Greatest’ and perhaps the most outspoken, ‘unique’ athlete in American history, to best represent the kind personality that epitomizes this important doctrine. Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali are the greatest, most recognisable American athletes in the history of this nation. We are going to use Ali’s example as he represents more than just sporting excellence, he represented a person who fully believed in what he preached and that is ‘justice’ by his protest of the Vietnam War, going to jail for it, outspoken personality earning him the nickname of the ‘Louisville Mouth’ for his outrageous predictions and driving Joe Frazier crazy with his colourful trash talking. The ‘thriller in Manila’ was one of the most enduring fight in all of boxing history. If you are a boxing fan or an enthusiast of American history you should definitely check it out, a classic for sure to remember! Some may believe Ali as being arrogant, but this great personality of his with him having full belief and confidence in himself is what makes this country so successful.

He did not just believe in his dreams, he preached his dreams, as he said himself “I knew I was the Greatest even before they know I was.” Ali was a poet through his ‘float like a butterfly, sting like a BEE ‘ metaphor of his boxing style. He backed up his talking with his hard work in training as he proclaimed ‘suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion’. Don’t count your sit-ups from the start, ‘only start counting when it starts hurting’. This was Ali’s hard work ethic, you have to fully believe in that you set out to do. Like Dr Martin Luther King said “My eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord.” Whatever talent or dream you follow, you got to breath it, preach it and go after it with all your heart!

2. Practice your craft until, it becomes second nature to you. Become so good at what you do that no one else on this planet can do it the way you do it.

What is the difference between a regular musician and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? There are plenty of great musicians, but why is Mozart synonymous with musical genius even to the extent of overcoming the legendary Ludwig Van Beethoven, he practised as if it was his bread and butter. You have to be crazy about what you do, Dr Martin Luther King said even if you are a floor sweeper, ‘you have to do your job do well that even the heavens and skies will stop and say “hey here lived a floor sweeper.”’

Everyone will consider Thomas Edison the greatest inventor, in Modern World History if not just American history and the pioneer of modern day human living by inventing the ‘lightbulb’, nobody knows how many things he invented that were of no use before he actually made something that is useful. Simply having a lot of confidence is not enough, just having the work ethic is not enough, you have to work hard, believe in your dreams and keep on working and being enthusiastic about what you do, your work is a part of your personality. David Beckham defined success simply as; “if you want to be successful you have to work, work and work some more.”

A son of a hairdresser and a truck driver, Beckham is arguably the world’s most athlete, he has his own style, a Beckham fashion Empire and the face of English Sports and a phenomenal ‘rags to riches story’, when you work hard enough the results will eventually come. Why Maradona, Jordan or even tech legends such as Elon Musk himself are called Gods or Genius’s, why is a Michelangelo masterpiece so graceful and elegant as of a touch of magic was embraced upon it (if you have not seen the Sistine Chapel in Rome, yet be prepared to be blown away by its elegance, it reminds you of a dream in heaven). They gave everything and kept practicing and when enough work and love has been put into something, it creates something that will last forever. That is how legacy is formed.

3. Do what is ‘uniquely’ your own, do not copy anyone else. Use other people’s knowledge as ‘building steps’ to create your own ‘special’ style.

‘Put that EXTRA in the ordinary, by bringing that uniqueness onto the table’.

This creates EXTRA – Ordinary

In the competitive American or U.S. economy, especially in the entertainment industry, when something good comes out, for example the Avengers or a new star like Taylor Swift comes out all young oriole start copying and following there trends. If a start wears Versace you will go and buy the product. If Britney Spears or Selena Gomez has a pierced belly button or Kendall Jenner wears something, people will instantly follow. If you are or want to go on the path of success, do not follow these trends. You can think and examine the trends and if they are good suits your style, you go and do it, do not do things just because the Celebrity Culture embraces or promotes it.

Let’s examine why Elle McPherson is the face of the modeling industry, she is not exactly the most beautiful woman, nor is Cindy Crawford, they are not Miranda Kerr or Candace Swanapoel, they are uniquely there own. Each supermodel has there own ways. Like every Spice Girl in the most famous band has there own personality whether if it is Ginger, Posh, Scary or Good Girl, you name it. Your personality needs to represent you, if you are funny do not force yourself to be too serious work on your strengths. Jennifer Lopez is only 5’4”, but she has beautiful curves and she uses that to promote herself becoming the Queen if all the Divas, ‘work on your strengths’.

A classic example of incredible success and a superstar having a unique personality is the ‘Martial Arts’ legend, my favorite, Jackie Chan. When Bruce Lee passed away, everyone in Hong Kong is trying to find someone to replace him, however Jackie having no proper education, not having movie star looks and broken English used his ‘action comedy’, combining the Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton humor into his Martial Arts death-defying stunts, doing something that no one else can, giving birth to this new genre even used in Bond Movies and has transcended into a breakthrough in the ‘Action Movie’ genre, from a poor family and hard upbringing he turned himself into the world’s most recognizable movie superstar even having huge success in Hollywood now worth $300 million USD and even in his 60’s still consistently ranked as the Top 3 highest paid actors in the world.

Let us conclude these key principles of developing your own unique ‘personality, they are ‘believing yourself’, ‘work until your talents become second nature. A part of who you are’ and always stick to your own style, build your own unique legacy. Your personality, your character is your ‘business’, it defines who you are and your ‘business is your life’, make it remarkable, make it unique and build a legacy that you are proud of. May it leave everlasting impacts in this beautiful world!

God bless you all, thank you for everyone’s time. Have a wonderful week!

Go out there and put that EXTRA in the ordinary!!!

‘If we accomplished everything we are capable of, we would literally astonish ourselves.” – Thomas Alva Edison (American Inventor)

Don’t just exist as a person, become a PERSONALITY and create your own ‘True Image’. That is why Rogowska Therapy is here to help you.