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How to ‘maintain’ a love relationship and make it last

This article is writing how the standard ‘heterosexual’ relationship between men and women and advice on how to balance your relationship, the roles of men and women and how to make a relationship last:

Ways on maintaining a healthy relationship to make it long-lasting with happiness:

1. Communicating with each other – The most important aspect of a healthy relationship is the ability to understand each other and fulfilling each other’s needs and wants. This can only be carried out through ‘effective communication’ with one another. Good communication skills includes showing respect for the other person, respecting their privacy, having trust and most importantly, listening to what the other person has to say.

2. Having specific roles that each individual agrees upon – In a traditional family, men takes the responsibility of earning money for the family through job and career, women are responsible for the maintenance of the family, looking after and nurturing the children. Generally women spend more time with the children and a mother is a very important part of a child’s life, because children spend more time with their mothers. We are speaking this as the standard model family and these roles are not the ‘strict’ rules that you have to follow, however a balance of different roles and duty within a family relationship is important. The children in the family should get a good balance of fatherly love and motherly love. Fathers should also spend time with their children, not just working, because children especially young boys, need someone to look up to, for guidance to become a ‘man’, to develop the responsibility of true ‘masculinity’, it is very important for young boys these days to learn to become a ‘real’ man and have positive role models to take on the traditional male role. Equality between the sexes is important, however in any society it is great to have human rights and equal opportunities, but young men still need to develop the drive to live an inspiring and fulfilled life, young men needs to be drive. With the push for independence for women and the ability for women to work for themselves, women too need to be loved by ‘Real’ men, who protects and take on the roles of manhood, so ‘Real’ men are crucial in society, so it is important to teach our boys the standards of taking on the ‘male’ role in society.

3. Being able to forgive each other and build the relationship – Most relationships fail when couples can only enjoy the good times together, but they cannot forgive each other’s problems or wrongs. Usually people cheat and fight for very little things such as forgetting car keys, not washing the dog and very trivial things. Throughout research it is usually the inability to forgive small things and having grudges for things that happened years ago which causes unhappiness in the family, so the ability to forgive people for the wrongs is important, if we want to build together good relationships, especially in intimate relationships. A good way to break this bad habit of not being able to forgive is to put yourself in the other person’s shoes, Will Smith have said that “in reality we are all struggling, some are just better at it than others”, this is very true, learn to put yourself in your spouse’s shoes this way you will learn to forgive more easily, put also put your interests first, if someone do cross the line too much, you should learn to let go of something that is not meant to be for you.

4. Learn to appreciate each other’s talents and support each other’s dreams – Most men and women fall in love due to sexual chemistry or passion, but usually divorces and separation happens when the spark goes away and when it comes to reality, people have a time dealing with it. This is why it is so important to choose and be with a partner who shares your dreams and passion in life. You two will have similar goals to work on and have the same drive to achieve in life, this way you can support one another to be better. When we are passionate about what we are doing, two individuals will unite as one and become the same force. This why couples who are in the same industry or field of expertise will usually get along very well together, Bill and Melinda Gates both have a passion for philanthropy, sports people tend to team up. Learning to develop a good relationship that is long lasting is knowing that you ‘two’ people are a team and teams share responsibilities, passion to succeed and when you two stick through the thick and thin and achieve what you set out to do, this will create a bond that will last forever and only leave good memories. Choose the right person to fight your life battles with and you will both come out victorious!

We at the Rogowska Therapy Team wish you a happy, long life filled with love.