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Minding Your Own Business and Staying Focused on Building Your ‘OWN’ Dreams and Goals

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Minding Your Own Business and Staying Focused on Building Your ‘OWN’ Dreams and Goals:

(Stop commenting and start ‘INNOVATING’)

Hello, I hope everyone is having a ‘great weekend’, we would like to add to the article we discussed about ‘Time Management’ and talk about the ‘importance’ on focusing on your ‘own work’ and not be distracted by what others are doing.

The biggest ‘time waster’ out there is the constant need of ‘comparing oneself’ to another person.  People get jealous, people start losing self-esteem and asking, “Why is my life not as good as somebody else’s?”

This is the ‘key’ problem that stagnates success and we want you to avoid it.  The time when you are ‘jealous’ of other people can be used to focused on building your own dreams, the time used to comment and criticising other people can be used to help others and building on ‘ideas’ that will help each other to become better.

As Eleanor Roosevelt has said,

“Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events and mediocre minds talk about people.”

The key to success one of them is ‘ALWAYS FOCUS ON BUILDING YOURSELF & HELP OTHERS WHEN POSSIBLE’.  Never compare yourself with anyone.

Bill Gates mentioned,

“Do not compare yourself to others, you are insulting yourself!”

Focus the ‘majority’ of your time on improving yourself, you are living your ‘own’ life, do ‘not’ judge on other people.

Life is hard, we have to pay our bills, we have to look after our children if our parents are getting old, we have to look after the elderly.  As ‘leaders’ of society, we need to become stronger, more focused, we need to be the ‘helping’ hand when people need us.

The thing with life we cannot ‘change’ anyone, we can only change ourselves.  We are all given 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Stay focused on the ‘goals you set for yourself’:

Here are some factors you need to take into consideration and ‘eliminate from your doing’ if you want to save time and achieve your dreams faster:

Quit complaining –

Jack Ma the founder of Alibaba has said, “Opportunities is always found where people complain”.  Whatever you do in life, do not complain.  If you start making excuses it is the best way to waste good quality time.  The time used in complaining should be used in innovating and finding new ways to solve the problem.  Look at Companies, Ford was created to make motor-vehicles, where it solved the problem of going long distance and taking a long time in carriages.  Facebook is created to solve the problem of networking and making people’s lives easier and connecting better.  Amazon was created so shopping can be made a lot easier for people.  It is your ‘ideas’ that change the world, not your whining and complaining, so if you are complaining ‘STOP IT RIGHT NOW!’

Turn Jealousy into the Cooperation –

Human beings are ‘competitive’ especially amongst men, we always want to be the best, even women compete with one another.  This where the factor of ‘jealousy’ can really kill a relationship.  We need to get rid of it if we want to achieve and use most of our time improving and getting better.  You do not make your building taller, by trying to destroy other people’s buildings, you can ‘only’ build a taller building, if you actually take the time to build your ‘own building’.

We ‘open’ new pathways in life by working hard and most importantly we get better by making ‘new friends’, forming ‘new connections’ and cooperating with one another.  We need to see ‘competitors’ as friends helping each other by pushing one another to get better.

Nobody in life is your ‘true enemy in life’, the only ‘real enemy’ is you and your ‘limited thinking’.  There is a common phrase which says:

‘The only limit is the limit you set for yourself’

Michael Jordan has said,

“Limits and fears is often just an illusion.”

People become jealous, angry and aggressive when they feel that their hard work and efforts have not paid off and someone with less talent than them or someone who has better privileges are achieving more than them.  Unfortunately, this kind of negative thinking, pitying yourself does not help and it will not help to improve yourself.  You can not become better by hating on other people’s success.  You only get better if you are keen to learn, want to learn and want to make an effort to improve yourself.

Here is the ‘Phenomenon’ we want to teach you at Rogowska Therapy and this brilliant ‘idea’ can help you throughout your life.  No matter where you are at, no matter how rich or successful family you come from, ‘HUMAN BEINGS ONLY RECEIVE SATISFACTION FROM HARD WORK’.  That is right you only ‘feel good about yourself’ when you have given everything you have got in something that you really care about.  That is why a lot of billionaires or rich heirs who have inherited a fortune are not happy with their lives compared to self-made billionaires or people who have actually gone through the hard roads.  We human beings, want challenges in life, we only feel good about ourselves when we have strived hard for something, this can be easily found in sports or contest, the ‘Trophy’ is not worth much, if we have not gone through the hard yards to achieve it.  If someone buys us the ‘world cup trophy’ it will never feel as good as we competed for it and worked hard for it.

So, to become happy, there is no need for ‘jealousy’ at all, we just focus on ourselves, help other people succeed and learn from those that are successful.  We work extremely hard every single day, give our all and at the end of the day not only will we achieve BIG things we will be ‘HAPPY’!

If you develop a habit of seeing the positives in life, cooperating with other people, you will find life to be much easier and enjoyable as a result!

Change your attitude and thinking and you will change your life.

Stop making comments and focus on ‘Self-Improvement’ –

There are so many people who go into the world, experience the events that are happening, talk about other people and then they leave the world having achieved ‘practically NOTHING’ … these are your regular Youtube comment makers, your facebook stalkers and all the tabloid magazine writers, who have nothing better to do than putting down others.  We at Rogowska Therapy want you to ‘avoid’ this kind of behaviour as it is not only time-wasting, but it is also ‘hurting’ others not making a ‘contribution’ to this world.

Avoid commenting and criticising as they said, “A statue has never been erected for a CRITIC”.

Start analysingyourself, this is the only person you ‘can improve’.  Remember if someone criticises you, if you have the problem then good someone has helped you identify your problem, so you ‘CHANGE’ simple as that.  If someone complains about you for no reason or just want to make trouble, leave let karma deal with it, you do not have time for this kind of stuff.  It is time-wasting to think about them.

Focus on ‘self-improvement’ improving yourself, making yourself better.  As you make yourself better by attending classes, going to the gym, constantly networking, putting yourself out there, you will have effectively consumed your time for meaningful purposes.

Strive for excellence, seek Self-Improvement it will bring you wealth and success which trying to ‘improve’ others will never be able to do.

Thank you for reading this article, I hope you all have gained great insight from this piece.

We work hard at what we do and if you have any suggestions and comments, please feel free to leave comments below.  We will get back to you, lets go and enjoy a fantastic weekend!


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