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Effective Ways to stay focused on your ‘Goals in Life’

1. Ignore the Naysayers: No matter what other people tell you, you know what you want out of life. You know where you want to go, what kind of person you want to become, who you want to love, what kind of life style you want to live.

This is all your ‘own business’, other people have ‘no business’ in it. It is important that you stick to your own guts, what is in your own heart. Always listen to what you want in life. Your friends and family may tell you what they think is ‘right for you’, what people are ‘right for you’, but they are not you … only you know what is ‘really’ right for you.

“Great minds have always faced fierce opposition from mediocre minds.” – Albert Einstein

Before any great invention was ever made, before someone could drive a car, before the ship was invented … in every generation ‘naysayers’ have dominated society. This is a fact, every naysayer is ‘unsuccessful’, they do not live the best lifestyle, they ‘envy’ rather than ‘appreciate’ other’s success. They are not ‘winners’, they like to stay in their comfort zone. Ignore the naysayers.

“A statue has never been erected for a critic.” – Ancient Greek Proverbs

Do not let others opinion define who you are. You may like someone, but your family strongly opposes of it, but listen to your heart.

You may have a dream, however your teacher or mentor think it is absolutely nuts. Pursue it … you already know inside your heart who you want to be.

“Someone’s opinion, does not have to become your reality”. – Les Brown

Stick to what you believe in, it is your life … become who you want to be …. Do what makes you happy as a person.

2. Read books and get the answers from the experts instead of just listening to people on the streets or at work. The truth lies in published, authorised books. In society we have many resources these days, the internet, many different resources claiming they are experts in their field, however only ‘proper’ authorised experts such as University Lectures, Professors, the books which have many editions or publications are the theoretically correct literature you should take into consideration. Proper education in life is highly important in life, you should always question what you read, you should question the authority, do not just believe in everything other people tell you.

3. Find people who want you to do well in life. Find friends that have similar goals, successful people who enjoy and wants to give back to the community that we live in. Many highly successful self-made entrepreneurs will want to spend their time, mentoring young people, because they have made it in life, because they have received a lot of help from their mentors when they are young and struggling with life. You should go and seek out good mentors to help you and point you in the right direction. Furthermore, you should definitely find at least 5 more people in your life who are on the same path as you.

You are the five people you spend the most time with.

It is important that you are surrounded by positive people who encourage your goals and want you to succeed, bring positive energy into your life. Life is tough, we all have a lot of problems we need to face, we do not want more problems from negative people and that can be highly energy draining.

Filter out the negative people in your life, like taking out your trash daily. Just like ignoring the naysayers you should dump the toxic people out of your life. No ifs or buts.

4. Write done your goals and put them on your wall somewhere, preferably somewhere you can see ‘Every Single Day’. Write down the tasks that you want to do each and every morning. Have goals for your career, your health and fitness, your relationship goals how you can better your relationship with your spouse. Always update your goals, update your plan and adjust it as you go along to keep yourself on track with what you are doing.

5. Keep yourself motivated, persevere through adversity. We all have good and bad days, sometimes we just feel like ‘giving up’, because of long periods without success. Now here is a thing, when you feel like quitting on your dreams … this is the time you need to be enthusiastic. This is actually a test from the heavens and skies asking you, “How badly do you want it?” 99% of people do not succeed BIG in life, because they see hardship as misfortune, they see hard work as burdens to success, rather than compulsory courses you have to take in life in order to achieve your dreams. Many people love find a ‘rich person’ … rather than ‘become a rich person’, because it is a lot easier. However, if you just find a ‘rich person’ you have to always listen to the ‘rich person’! You basically become a ‘slave’ or you get ‘bossed’ around, just to spend that person’s money. A lot of women do this and some men, this is not success, it is just finding a ‘richer boss’! You are still an employee trying not to get fired! You are not the CEO they are! This is the key principle we want you to remember at Rogowska Therapy, do everything and always remember you only achieve success when you have become a ‘successful person yourself’! No ifs or buts or maybes … this is dead on!! You can only achieve success, if you have been through the battles, the hardships, the tough times, the struggle and spent your time hustling for it. This means getting a good education, showing up to work every single day, giving everything you have got, ditching the people that are making you lazy, stop spending other people’s money, start relying on yourself for everything.

There is nothing more courageous than living a ‘life with dignity’, having the courage to build your own business, create your own life, going for what you really want to become. Most people in society are just drifting along, waiting for a miracle to happen, want to find a rich person to supply them with a lifetime of luxury, rather than going out there using your own talents to achieve your goals. Most people do not want to be seen poor, untalented, so they think they can find an easy way to success. Do not be most people.

We want to live a life that we are ‘proud of’, a life that makes our ‘family proud’, our friends ‘proud’, our teachers ‘proud’ and most of all we want to live a life that makes ourselves proud! What better way to live a life fighting, hustling and doing everything to achieve the ‘goals and dreams’, we have envisioned for ourselves. That way you are not only creating quality work, innovating by building your business using your unique set of talents, but you can really do something that can ‘change the world’ with your talents.

Remember there is always a reason that you are ‘born’, your talent is ‘Unique’, nobody else has that talent. Why not use it … why not go out there and pursue your ‘own goals’ … why do you have to listen to other people’s opinions they should be focused on ‘their goals’ not yours! Do everything you can.

Lastly, never ‘complain’ … the Alibaba CEO, who was rejected from KFC and become one of the greatest self-made billionaires in history Jack Ma has said;

“Opportunities are always found where people complain.”

We my friends, are here to solve the problems of the world … we are not here to create more problems.

Let us keep track of our goals, use the ‘time management’ as we at the Rogowska Therapy have outlined, stay focused and do everything we can to live the kind of life we ‘not only deserve’, but the life we use to ‘change the world’ and make it a better place.

If you agree with our philosophy, please leave your comments. We would love your feedback. Keep hustling and you ‘ALL’ are a winner, have a winner within you.

Like each and everyone of you, we face our own problems, argue with our friends, sometimes just feel like giving up, but deep … deep inside we want to succeed. This page is also a motivation and support for anyone who want a better life, achieve their dreams and stay focused on their goals. We discuss a lot about the ‘Philosophy of Success’ and great philosophy can only be created through many quality minds. Please get involved, the more ‘minds’ the better. Lets build on our knowledge and together we can create better methods to help us stay focused to ‘achieve the life that we truly deserve’!

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