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TEN ‘Golden Rules’ for SUCCESS

1. Have a ‘Deep Meaningful WHY?’ –

The ‘FACTOR’ – that drive me the MOST is I want to make my family PROUD … I want them to LIVE the BEST LIFE POSSIBLE …

2. Try ’NEW’ Things … Everything you ‘LEARN’ help you acquire new skills … ALWAYS think of new ideas … What can I do to make the ’Society’ better? What can I do to create BETTER CHANGE …

My definition of SUCCESS is ‘using your time to make a difference for others …’ when you are helping to make other people’s lives better … your time has been ‘well consumed’.

3. Take more risks … fail and learn from your mistakes – The more you try ‘NEW’ things … the less fear you will have … be OPEN minded to learning.

4. Be PASSIONATE about what you are doing … So PASSIONATE that you can not live a day without thinking about it … WORK 24/7 …

When you do ‘ONE’ thing a lot … you will become good at it … when you become good at it … you will be ‘recognised’ … then you can use that PASSION to do the ‘world good!’

5. Have Dreams – take action … otherwise they become ‘Day-Dreams’ ….

Take MASSIVE ACTION … Fail your way to success … Conquer your ‘Biggest Fears’ you will achieve your biggest dreams

6. Have BIG GOALS – However, always have a PLAN … otherwise you go into a War without ‘Ammunition’ … Plan ahead … have daily plans and keep adapting to the environment … learn and acquire ‘new’ skills constantly improving yourself daily … all the small achievements will add up.

7. If you want ‘MORE’ you have to do ‘MORE’ than others … you cannot lazy around and expect to live a better life …. Work when others are partying … Set goals when others are daydreaming … INNOVATE when others are arguing …. you will be living in a Mansion or driving a Ferrari one day … or perhaps think of an ‘IDEA’ that will CHANGE the WORLD … excellence is a ‘habit’.

8. Do not just ‘talk’ about your ‘ideas’ … and ‘vision’ SHOW THEM … – Ideas are just words on paper if you do not ‘TAKE ACTION’

9. Be Persistent and have PATIENCE – Easy things take less time … if you the patience to work hard consistently for 20 years … you can ‘BUILD’ a WORLD CLASS Company … there is ‘NO Easy’ way to success … if you want easy, will remain poor …

Be prepared to be poor and broke for a little while … stick to your investments and GAIN BIG … Bigger Rewards … come from BIGGER RISKS … however you will have to be willing to take risks … PLAN thoroughly and take the necessarily risks … you have ‘one’ life … do not gamble … but you have to be brave enough to take that ‘LEAP FORWARD’.

10. Life is about ’Serving the World’ – Not building up your resume or ACCOLADES … at the end of the day, your ’SERVICE’ to the World define you as a person … your ‘talents’ mean nothing if they are not ‘helping the world’ … no matter how much money you are making … ‘the quality of service’ you deliver defines how ‘RICH’ you really are … RESPECT is more important than ‘WEALTH’ make sure you give something back to the ‘Community’. Life is about helping, serving and giving a part of you to the WORLD. Use your ‘UNIQUE’ talents to change the world, help make other people’s lives better, be the ‘light’ that bring happiness … the goal is to ‘Live a Life that is worth remembering’ … When you are focusing on improving your ‘service’ every single day … you will feel happy fulfilled and build a happy ‘Family’ here on Earth!

“True Wealth is when you have delivered excellent service to the world; when you have accomplished this you will automatically attain wealth, status and respect. This is the LAW of SUCCESS!”

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