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Life can knock us down, BUT we can always choose to get back UP’ – Facing our own challenges with a ‘smile’ and being supportive to others

As we experience life, we realise life is never as easy and smooth as we thought it would be. In reality, everyone experiences the difficulties and challenges that life throws at them, just because people do not mention them to you, you are not ‘the only one that is faced with problems’ and do not be so quick to point out other people’s problems in life, because you do not know what they are going through.

When we are young especially in our teens and sometimes up to our early twenties, we have a very vain perception of the world as we are absorbed by the ‘Media’ or commercialised world that we live in. In these early years, we have not experienced life fully enough as we go to school, trying to find that job, we are usually being told what the world should be like in schools, through television and our peer groups, the friends that we have. We do not have a clear understanding of the ‘real world’ what it is really life. In today’s world, young people are bombarded by the ‘Celebrity’ culture, the music and the dream life that is advertised on television, so ‘being rich and famous’ is what most people desire to be. However, our culture and the society that we live in has not taught us ‘How we can become a person like this, the proper way’. We are being taught that bad language and the behaviour in these music videos are good, is ‘cool’ and education is not important, money, fame and being a ‘cultural icon’ or even a sports star, supermodel that is what really people find attractive. Everyone wants to achieve big, become a Chief Executive of a Company, but we do not realise that becoming one of these people requires a lot of patience, hard work and we are all human beings who will need to go through the process to become like these people.

We are confused by the ‘capitalist culture’ that we live in the Western World, as it is trying to sell us a lot of things that are surreal, not realistic and we chase an ‘illusion’ as our dream, we believe that ‘being rich and famous’ having a huge fan base, driving fancy cars and living in big mansions is the ‘only’ way to happiness. We are disillusioned into thinking that this is what the celebrities or powerful people are like, that is what people should aim to achieve. However, the media has failed to teach us the ‘how’ to become like these people, that to become a person like this you will first have to ‘set a clear goal’, you will have to encounter a lot of disappointments, trial and error along the way. Every leader was once a beginner, so all of these people who eventually become rich and famous are once just like us. Rich and famous people are not ‘Gods’ they just worked harder than others, we will not talk about playboys and rich kids, heirs, because we only treasure people who ‘work hard’, those people with inherited money we salute them for being lucky, but if they do not work hard then they do not deserve respect, money if spent in the wrong way will quickly be lost, so we are only talking about how to earn status, power, money in the ‘correct’, moral and healthy way in our psychology project. We also encourage people to pursue dreams and nothing is impossible for anything, we are all given the ‘freedom’ to become and achieve whatever we set our minds towards. Clear examples of how money can be lost is through spending ‘irrationally’, this is very common in the rich and famous, take Mike Tyson for example and how quickly Tiger Woods lost is money due to inappropriate activities. Money need to be spent wisely and earned respectfully.

Another quick way that young people think that they can gain status and dreams quicker is by associating themselves with these people, marrying a celebrity, having your photo taken or going to celebrity parties do not make you ‘a celebrity’, you are only a ‘wannabe’, these people are the ones that have the power, ‘not you!’ We encourage people to ‘get real’ and work on your own ‘dreams’, if you work hard at your goals as we live in the United States or any Western Country, a ‘free world’ of opportunities, you are more than capable of creating an idea that will change the world. Microsoft, Apple are all started from a garage, musicians such as Adele, she started with nothing, JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter when she was an abandoned wife with a child, our favourite actors Sylvester Stallone and modern day idols such as Selena Gomez, all have humble beginnings. We need to get ‘real’ and focus on ‘how to achieve success’ and not just to dream about success or marrying into success. We need to ‘turn ourselves’ and work our way to the top, by following clearly set out goals, focusing on the tasks in reality and as we grow our own business and going through the process, we too can become someone that ‘we admire’ one day. We need to enjoy the process of reaching ‘success’, treasuring the human beings that we meet, have ‘real meaningful relationships’ with love and affection, only this way can we experience happiness and fulfilment in life.

The illusion of ‘being rich and famous, having a lot of power’ is the only key to happiness is not true, we need to therefore enjoy the process of achieving goals, that is what makes us ‘truly’ happy and that is what brings us ‘true’ fulfilment in life. The time and effort that we spend working hard together with our friends and the people we care about that is the ‘true meaning of life’ and we feel happy about our success, if we achieve things together with people that we love and feel comfortable with. Human beings need to ‘feel’ connected and only when we feel that we are valued, appreciated and living with dignity, then we can achieve happiness and ‘success’. Success is freedom and we can only have ‘freedom’, if we are happy with ourselves and the people surrounding us. Only this way, we will have a happy and healthy life, achieving the great outcomes with people that we care about and those that care for us. This is the harmony that we need to aim to achieve. We do not need to ‘rely’ on anyone for money, success or fame, we do not need anyone to live our lives for us and counting on other people for our happiness, we are ‘independent’ individuals with self-esteem and confidence, who strives to work on our ‘own’ selves to use our unlimited potential to create a ‘fortune’ with our own hands. This is the ‘growth mindset’ that we encourage everyone to work towards.

Lastly, life is not easy for anyone, you may get jealous or admire others who you assume has life easier than you, for example someone who drives a Ferrari lives in a Big Mansion and has chefs at home to cook for them, but you do not know what they are going through, they may be going through a divorce, under constant stress from their company and suffering from disease. You may look down on a prostitute or a floor sweeper, but you do not know that the prostitute was forced into the job, because their family abandoned them, they want to stay in a beautiful country like America and they have no choice, but to do it and the floor sweeper may be a person who just arrived at a new place and is doing whatever they can to support their family. Never be too quick to judge people, always offer your support if we can. In life we are all suffering from the difficulties and challenges that life throws at us, we all have a lot of problems, so do not go out and create more of it for others. Learn to help people solve problems. Do not judge others, you do not know what they are going through, only give others help and share your love to help and change the world. Making others life easier is making life easier for yourself and we can make the world easier for everyone.

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