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How to develop a ‘Positive attitude’ remain happy and turning excuses into opportunities

In life a lot of people want to be successful, rich, driving the best cars, owning a big house, having a large surplus of income, however we need to wonder if we do achieve all of these things one day, will we be truly happy or will we still be left unsatisfied feeling empty inside.

The problem I have experienced in life is ‘material things’ such as Ferrari, 5 star hotel or even 7 star hotels in Dubai, living in Beverley Hills, hanging out with super rich people and getting spoiled by a lot of money, living a hedonistic lifestyle is not the ‘answer’ to happiness. This kind of luxury is good ‘only’ for the moment, they are ‘vain’ and being a fashion model much of the profession is build around ‘vanity’ which makes me feel very empty inside, you only look like a ‘star’ on the outside, but very few people treat you as a ‘personality’ a human being. I have been to a lot of places such as the ‘Empire State Building’, Abu Dhabi, top expensive places in Monaco, Ibiza Spain, the most fashionable places in Paris, Beverley Hills, bought top designer products at Rodeo Drive and visited the city of Chicago and travelled to many nice places around the world. However, having experienced all of the big money stuff, they are just merely ‘stuff’, what I am truly interested in is how I can find the ‘true meaning’ of happiness and being at peace, gaining respect as a person and being treated as a ‘human being’ for who I am as a ‘personality’ of my own. These kind of things only look good on the surface level, that is why I was very unhappy being just a ‘fashion’ model, I though these things will bring me happiness, but having experienced all of this, all it brings is just more and more material things and the more you have, the more you want. Bit like a drug, the more you take it, the more you want it and from these lessons I know that ‘money’ is not the key to happiness, it is only a source of security. To find true happiness in life we need to find what makes us ‘truly happy’ and in this article I am going to share the experience I have learnt from my life with you all.

To become successful to me is being ‘happy’ with yourself, respecting yourself and accepting yourself as a good human being and a personality of your own. In the Western Society or ‘free’ world that we live in, we pride ourselves on ‘individuality’, this sense of individuality is what makes us unique, valuable and makes us who we are as a person living in this world.

How can we be happy, first of all we need to develop a ‘positive attitude’. How can we develop this positive attitude, we need to have a set of principles that we live by to help us remain positive and I am going to list them for you right now.

Principles to develop a ‘Positive Attitude’:

1. Be kind and genuine, do not lie or deceive other people – Living in a big Metropolitan area such as New York City, you will find people do not often tell you the truth, most people are trying to get by life just to survive. However, it is very important to remain honest and not buy into the trap of promising other people things that you cannot deliver. When we are trying to sell our products to others, we need to be genuine about the quality of our products this is especially true in business, if you trick or scam people once, you may get away with it, because the market is huge in New York City, you may have people to fool, but eventually you will get found out. Being a kind and genuine person myself, I have made the mistake of thinking other people are kind and good as well, do not make this mistake, but always remain a good person yourself. Good people will be rewarded for their genuineness and the quality of products they offer.

2. Treat other people with respect – The Golden Rule of human relationships is if you do good to others you will more than likely be treated well too. Franklin Roosevelt has cleverly mentioned if you treat people right, they will treat you right 90% of the time. Respect yourself, and show respect to others and forgive the people that hurt you, Nelson Mandela has mentioned forgiveness is the greatest source of strength. When we learn to forgive, it sets your mind free, so you no longer have to be a ‘prisoner of your past’, no matter how bad other people are, you do not have to carry their baggage. If you are a person who have done wrong, just remember life is about making choices and sometimes, due to the fact that we are human beings, we make mistakes. Robert Downey Jr., one the highest paid actors and the star of Iron Man, has had a major drinking problem and an alcohol addict, but he has overcome that problem to become a respected star. Do not be too hard on yourself, respect yourself, even Bill Gates has been arrested and you can see his famous mugshot when he was young. We all make mistakes in life, no life is easy, keep learning and keep improving, usually hardships happen to those who are destined to succeed, I look at this way to help motivate me to achieve more in life. When you learn to respect yourself as a person, you will see the bright side of life and learn to appreciate others, when we respect ourselves we are happy and we can bring positivity to the environment we live in.

3. Have clear goals so we can be optimistic about the future – I found that when we have a sense of direction to where we are going in life, we will see obstacles as just a challenge rather than a natural disaster or unforeseen circumstances. Life is not supposed to be easy, otherwise it will not be fun. I will strongly suggest my friends that we list down clearly set out goals, dream, desire and dedicate towards what we are trying to achieve in life and focus on our dreams with a ‘fire’ inside of us, this will help to bring us enormous power and determination. Just like the Rocky movie has told us ‘it ain’t how hard you hit, it is about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward’, either we win or we learn, but we never lose, everything in life is there to make us stronger. The human mindset determines all of our outcomes in life, so once we develop a growth mindset we become powerful enough, to solve the problems we face in life, we do not have to be astronauts or inventors like Einstein, Tesla or Steve Jobs, but the human potential is great within all of us, it is up to us to decide what we want to do with it, whether if you are a chef their is Gordon Ramsay, whether if you are a football or soccer player their is Messi, whether if you are a swimmer their is Michael Phelps and whether you are a fashion model their is Adrianna Lima we should always strive to live out our unlimited potential. We need to be always ‘optimistic’, successful people tend to see obstacles as ‘opportunities’ as Thomas Edison has mentioned ‘Opportunities are missed, because they dress in overalls and look like work’, do not miss out on Golden opportunities, because the task may seem difficult, all of the top Companies such as Walmart, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft and even Elon Musk’s legendary 3 Companies of PayPal, Tesla and SpaceX started from a garage or a tiny little apartment. America is all about BIG THINGS, we do not need to be over the top with our thinking, but we need to AIM Big, so our dreams are always bigger than the excuses or obstacles we face. This is the attitude that I want you all to adopt and the reason to what makes America so successful is it is filled with normal people, living out their fullest potentials due to the ‘freedom’ this country offers.

To conclude, all the excuses we are making in life right now can be turned into opportunities, to help us realise our dreams. This is the ‘secret’ or mystery behind success, if there is something that you find you want to change in this world, this is the ‘golden opportunity’ for you. The Wright Brother’s find that we need something that can fly us from one place to the other that is why they invented the Plane, Henry Ford saw that automobiles are better than horses that is why the legend of ‘Model T Ford’ was created, Elon Musk believe the human species need to have more space to live, that is why he is pouring all the energy into establishing a colony of Mars. For me starting this Psychology blog is to help you realise your true potential and get you all to think positive, I have been through all the vanity of the fashion and entertainment world and I believe money and time need to be spent on things or causes that are ‘truly meaningful’ in life, I have known a lot of super rich people who live an ‘empty life’, meaningless in a way, not at all contributing to society, if not making the society even worse. I have seen a lot throughout my life at an early age, living through a life only focused on ‘money and luxuries’, so for me I am developing and learning psychology to help you all and we can share our ideas and testimonies to bring out our full potential so we can achieve dreams and understand what ‘makes us’ truly happy. The answer to ‘happiness’ is using our life to ‘make the change’ that we want to see in this world, I believe my cause in this world is using the ’psychological’ knowledge that I have learnt to help others achieve their dreams, focus on doing things with purpose, contributing to society, overcoming problems and live a ‘true’ and genuine life. When we help others to do ‘meaningful’ things, we live a truly meaningful life ourselves as well. Jack Ma, the billionaire entrepreneur of Alibaba, who started from an English teacher to become the world’s biggest E-Commerce Giant, has said “the opportunities, always lies where people complain”. If we can solve the world’s problems, then our business is guaranteed a success, the world needs problem-solvers not more people causing ‘more’ problems! Let us embrace the challenges and start living a life of passion, facing our problems upfront and make a contribution with the life that we are given. We live in the 21st Century, it is the age of ‘entrepreneurship’, using our life to make a difference and to help the world that we live in. Money flows to the ones who are creating the ‘meaningful’ causes in this world, once you have become a successful ‘entrepreneur’, you will not need to worry about money ever again in your lifetime.

Feel free to submit your testimonies, what dreams are you pursuing, what do you want to accomplish in life with your talents. Feel free to share them and we can help each other to bring out our best, so we all can give a part of our lives to making this world a better place! Thank you and all the best to you all. I will continue writing about this topic and expand on it, feel free to leave comments in the discussion panel, thank for taking your time to read my friends!

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