How to Develop a Healthy Lifestyle – Achieve more while ‘feeling’ GREAT

Hello everyone, welcome to another weekend! We are going to talk about the importance of health in our lives, ‘our health is our greatest source of wealth’ that we have.

Here is a ‘Guideline’ to maintaining a good healthy body from the Rogowska Therapy TEAM:

1. Go for early morning runs – If you love sleeping in, it is not a good idea! Start getting up early, at first you do not have to wake up at 5am, you can start by getting up at 6.30am, wash your face and go on a morning run. You will be ‘totally’ surprised at how much energy you will have throughout the day, after a morning run. It is a ‘wonderful habit’ to have, the runs do not need to be a marathon, it can be a 30 minute run or small jog, if you are in New York City, why not go for a walk around Central Park, after the walk you can have breakfast take a shower and ready to kickstart a great day! Morning runs are refreshing, once you get used to it, it will become a ‘treat’ that can really boost and prosper your health.

2. Never ‘ever’ skip breakfast – There is a reason why breakfast is called ‘the most important’ meal of the day, it is good to have a big breakfast, because you will burn off all the energy throughout the day. Most people eat the least amount of food in the morning and eat the most at night, that is a bad habit, we need to turn it around. Start preparing a good healthy breakfast for yourself, eat a good bowl of cereal, have your bread, salad and prepare your fruit, they say ‘an apple a day, keeps the doctor away’, so always have an apple in the morning. If you can, eat an egg in the morning, an egg has a lot of nutrition, think about it, if you put an egg under the right temperature it can give birth to a small chick. It has plenty of good nutrition, so eggs can keep you energised throughout the day. Also, lettuce and tomato are an excellent source of nutrition and provides good vitamins for the body, you can have it with banana and peanut butter on your daily bread. Furthermore to make the meal delicious, you can add some yoghurt and put strawberry on top of it to finish that delicious meal! That is a lot of food, but after a good morning run, you will be hungry enough to eat, it all! After breakfast, treat yourself with a good shower and get dressed looking fresh to kick start a brand ‘new’ day.

3. Drink plenty of ‘fresh’ water, 8 cups a day – In today’s, fast paced society, we tend to drink too much artificial drinks, such as coffee, processed water and not enough ‘pure’ water which provides us with the essential ‘minerals’ for our body. We need to drink clean healthy pure water, you can have orange juice, ‘organic’ we suggest, and cappuccino throughout the day, however water will keep you fresh and keep the body clean. Also water helps to rinse away the toxic liquid in your body and makes you feel fresh throughout the day. Energy drinks should be avoided as fruits such as orange, apple and bananas are much healthier natural ways to boost your energy, Vitamin Water, Gatorade contains a lot of sugar and it can easily turn to fat, so eat healthy organic food as the body responds naturally to fruits and vegetables etc.

4. Learn how to cook yourself and treat yourself to a good healthy meal – When you are living in a busy city as New York City, Los Angeles, London, Paris or Abu Dhabi we have so much on our schedule and as a professional model and business person, you do not have that much time to go shopping in the supermarket or good your own meal. However, to treat yourself, every once in a while, grab a cooking menu and learn to cook yourself a good meal, home made meals are fresher, clean and you get to put in all the ingredients that you want, you take control! This is a great investment for your health, you spend less, while you eat much better! It is great to enjoy yourself at a Michelin Star restaurant, however why not become a ‘Michelin’ star, chef yourself, you can always treat yourself and your friends will be running after you for all the delicious food you offer! Become a star chef yourself, cooking is not difficult, it takes creativity and finding the time to do so, it is a ‘gift’ to yourself, we love cooking and we want you to cook for yourself too! Do not be lazy, your healthy is the most important asset you have. When you are healthy, you can enjoy all the good things life has to offer, so ‘being wealthy starts from being healthy’.

5. Make love with your ‘fruits’ and ‘veggies’ – As much as we have a lot of love for chocolates, ‘Lindt’ and ‘Ferrero Rocher’ is irresistible, however you have not discovered how yummy mandarins, strawberries and cherries are! Make love with grapes, bananas, passion fruits and all the fruits you can find! Blueberries they are ‘rich’ in vitamins they are not only a brilliant tasty fruit, they also have minerals that can help to prevent cancer and all fruits contain sources that can dramatically improve your health. Adding to the delicious fruits, your body also need a bit of energy to help you throughout the day, you can have designer Swiss chocolates as a bit of dessert is good food for the brain and give you that extra source of energy to help you when you are under stress. Chocolate also contains energy that can help make you happier and it can improve your mood. So a bit of sweet treats is good for you! Vanilla ice cream and hockey pokey at ‘Movenpick’ can also be great on a hot summer day, to cool you down and you can have it once in a while, but do not go out and buy a whole container! A healthy diet is a good ‘balance’ of all food, make sure you have a bit of everything to stay fit and energised.

6. Ladies learn to enjoy ‘MEAT’, they are a great source of protein for your brain and the iron it contains will help keep you energised – A complete vegetarian diet is not good for you just like eating too much meat is unhealthy. Meat such as steak, ‘sirloin’ or ‘scorched’ beef is an excellent source of protein and high in iron, like spinach it is important for keep the muscles strong and lack of iron can cause headaches. Especially for women, iron is essential as ladies lose a lot of blood during menstruation, eating a steak once in a while 2 or 3 servings per week can help you stay strong and avoid certain pains such as lack of energy and headaches. Chicken breasts and legs are brilliant source of protein, they do not contain as much iron as beef steak, but they keep your body strong. Eating fish can improve the nutrition in your brain, fish such as Salmon are an excellent source of brain good and the Omega 3 it has can help increase the good cholesterol in your body to eliminate excess fat. You can boost your energy from eating meat, like nuts and spinach, eating a medium amount of meat can vitalise your body and make you feel a lot stronger, especially when you combine it with daily runs and gym workouts.

7. Most important of all, SLEEP well, they have a famous story named ’Sleeping Beauty’ for a reason – If you want to stay fit and feel healthy you should have at least 7 hours of sleep daily. Sleeping helps to give your brain the rest it needs and during the process, your body gets time to repair itself and creates new body cells to replace the old ones. To remain youthful, strong and in great shape, a big part of it is getting the right amount of sleep your body needs. To help you with sleep better, exercising at least 5 times a week and after the workout, listen to music and read books throughout the day. We suggest that you should do your intense training or exercises during the day as sleeping right after your workout is not good for your heart. Your heart needs time to relax before you start resting. Exercising during the morning is the best, even after you have had lunch is also good. You should relax during the evening and put yourself in a good mood, before you sleep. The heart needs its time to rest and when it beats very fast after a workout it needs some time to slow down and relax, once it is relaxed you can go to sleep. This not only gives the body a good well deserved rest, it also allows the heart to relax with it. Exercise and sleep is important for the heart, the most ‘important’ organ in your body, look after it well and you will have a good healthy ‘heart’ throughout your lifetime which will lead to an overall healthy body.

8. Laugh at least 20 minutes a day – This is a ‘bonus’, since has Scientists at Harvard University have discovered laughter is a great source of health booster, it not only makes you happier, it can dramatically improve your mood and creates positive energy for your brain, thus making you healthier! We all like to hang around people that make us laugh, it is also discovered that being funny or funny people in general are sexier and more attractive and if we become funnier ourselves, we not only enjoy life more, but our sex lives and overall relationships will improve with laughter! Laughing relieves stress, surround yourself with people that are positive, watch a comedy, laugh your troubles away. Soon you will be in great health, have a wonderful weekend everyone!

The Rogowska Therapy team wish you a long prosperous and ‘happy’ life, live long … and have all the fun in the world! We will go into the details about exercising and healthy workouts in the articles ahead, so stay tuned and keep fit!

“Our greatest source of wealth is our wealth. Without it we can not enjoy anything, with it we get to enjoy everything!”

Have a good weekend wish everyone good health!!

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