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The Importance of ‘having an open mind’ & how the experiences we learn from traveling can change our perception of life

Hello everybody, I hope you all have had a spectacular week so far, in this article I would like to share you all my belief in the ‘Importance of Traveling’.

Throughout our lives, we may encounter a lot of different experiences. When we are young and as children, we tend to be more open to experiencing new things, we will constantly get into trouble, become mischievous and without a care just going full force ahead doing what we love doing! However as we get older when we encounter a lot of unexpected events, being disciplined by our parents, the restrictions of society and being told what is right or wrong, we tend to become more shy to experiencing ‘new activities’, ‘new ideas’ and meeting ‘new people’ as we are faced with more challenges we tend to lose the kind of enthusiasm and energy we once had when we are children. This is good when it comes to keeping us safe and for our well-being, but to truly experience life, finding the right business opportunities and really reaching your full potential, we need to break some rules and restrictions. I am not saying you should go out there and break the law, just we need to be ‘more enthusiastic’ and think of ways that are out side the box, explore and continue to be as ‘enthusiastic and driven to achieve’ what we want to achieve out of life with the kind of energy we once had as children.

A key aspect of people who remain ‘happy’ throughout life is they remain ‘optimistic’. They go through the same kind of hardship that we all encounter when growing up, but they do not look at the negative experiences we encounter as setbacks, but just lessons that needs to be learnt. This way they remain enthusiastic about their future and when they encounter positive experiences they see it as a blessing and when they are faced with challenges and unforeseen circumstances they see it as experiences to make them learn. This is the kind of mindset I want you all to develop which will enable us to perform at our ‘optimum’ level through our lives.

Another way to build a ‘optimistic’ approach or personality, an attitude that is ‘enthusiastic about the future’ is to experience more out of life through traveling to different places and experiencing different cultures from other countries. I love traveling and I am going to share with you how these experiences that you do from traveling are important in changing your views about life and how it can open your mind to new ideas, business opportunities and meeting like minded people that will make your life happier, richer and more rewarding.

Traveling is very important and I really enjoy doing it as it enables me to find ‘new opportunities’ in life, meet new people for friends or business and broadens my mind to what the world has to offer. Through traveling, I get to see the landmarks that I have dreamed of as a child, experience life on top of the Eiffel Tower, being in Abu Dhabi, watching the bright lights in Las Vegas Strip and watching the sunset in Malibu. I could not have done this without traveling and throughout these experiences I have met life long friends, experienced different food, culture, more chances to meet people to network with and broadened my mind and eyes to what the world has to offer. This is also a rewarding aspect of my job as a professional model, being able to be around all over the world, even though it may be quite stressful being on the plane a lot, but the experience I get is priceless and I really thank God for letting me have this amazing time being all over the world.

Whenever I am free, from work, ‘modeling’ and building my ‘psychology career’, I will find time to travel and experience places that I have never been to. I believe money should be spent on experiences and things that will give you an amazing time as well as providing you with the experience to further your business opportunities as a young entrepreneur. As a resident of New York City in the East Coast of United States and to escape the cold weather here, I recently traveled to Los Angeles, California and Las Vegas, Nevada out there in the West side. They are both wonderful places and it gave me a fantastic learning experience that I will treasure for a lifetime, traveling by yourself is also rewarding as you get be a real explorer and have freedom to go wherever you would like. I also love the cuisines and food that each different place has to offer, I love to experience life and traveling provides me with this opportunity to explore the world to the fullest and for me life is an everlasting learning process, through traveling I am always learning something new, getting to know myself better as a person and enjoying a new ‘cuisine’ or dish in each place at the same time.

This is truly wonderful and I absolutely am thankful for everything, that is why I highly recommend people young or old to go and spend more time traveling, it is truly a rewarding experience to have. I have a soft spot for food, I love trying out the different cuisines each place offers, United States, especially New York City is famous for its multi-cultural food, and do not forget to try out the Pizza over here, it is delicious! I try my best to not eat too much!!

I would like to share how my latest travel journeys went including suggestions to where you should visit. When I am in Los Angeles, I highly recommend if you like entertainment and beautiful homes, you should visit Beverley Hills or go on a Star tour you will get to see the Celebrity Houses at this famous neighborhood and ‘Bell-Air ‘or maybe even hire a real estate agent to plan buying your next dream home. If you love shopping and want world class luxury, you will enjoy the best shopping experience on Rodeo Drive, I love it because I am a fashion addict, you can shop the most exotic designer products here, all the best brands and get a chance to realize your Star Look. The professional stylists they will make sure you look your very best as you come out of the shops! If you love movies and films you should definitely check out Universal Studios this shows you how movies in Hollywood are made and if you want a shot at fame and become a movie star, go out and try it out in Hollywood, it is both a popular visitor destination as well as movie making location, it is a must visit! Do not forget to strike a pose in front of the ‘Hollywood Sign’ by visiting the Griffith Observatory. The weather in CA is gorgeous and I really enjoy it there, the sunshine itself makes you happy, especially for me coming from New York, I finally got to enjoy a sunbath!

Los Angeles is not only filled with beautiful people, but a beautiful city in its own right, the stars are there, the entertainment and furthermore the City is absolutely beautiful at night, that is why Beverley Hills is regarded as one of the best neighborhoods in the country, if not the world! It is called ‘The City of Angels’ in Spanish for a reason. I also highly recommend you go for a visit to the ‘World famous original Disneyland’ in Anaheim just a few hours drive from Los Angeles. It does not matter if you have kids or with your family or not, no one is too old for it, I personally love it, makes me feel like a child again and lets face it, we are just grown-up kids after all! You are never too old enough for Mickey Mouse or Lion King!! Bring mom along or your little brother or sister, they will either be completely blown away or they will make you feel that special child within you again. Truly magical experience, not to be missed!

Lastly, from my recent visit to Las Vegas, Nevada, I finally get to see the ‘bright lights’ of this spectacular place, this place looks just as magnificent as you see in the advertisements if not better, the Bellagio provides the best casino experience in the world and the best part I enjoyed is the hotel structure and architecture, it is truly spectacular like a Royal Palace. You do not need to be in London, Paris or Venice you have it all in Las Vegas, each different hotel structure have its own entertainment and I watched some of the shows it is just amazing! The ‘Top of the World restaurant’ on the Stratosphere Tower is also a romantic place for eating you should try, the view is top notch and you get to see the full Las Vegas night scenery. My recent visit was fantastic, my luck was ok and I really enjoyed relaxing at Wynn Hotel and I highly recommend it. The water fountain at the Bellagio is also a sight to see, it has great music with spectacular shows you can dance to Michael Jackson’s “Beat IT” along with the water. A night in Vegas is a fun experience that you cannot miss, if you have more time to spend here, I would recommend you visit the Grand Canyon, you can take a tour there or if you want to really experience it to the fullest, you can hire a helicopter ride usually 4 hours which I highly recommend, it will be a once in a lifetime experience that you will never forget, remember to strike a lion pose on top of the Grand Canyon and send your loved ones a picture when you are there! If you just want a short helicopter ride, getting used to be on a helicopter, you can take a short 15 minutes ride to see the entire Los Vegas Strip, recommended at night so you can see the bright lights shining.

Thank you for reading, as always I would love to hear from you all and if you have any feedback or other travel suggestions I would be more than happy to hear from you all! It is wonderful to share my experience in life with you all, God bless enjoy the rest of the week. I will keep you up to date on my latest adventures, like you all, I am learning every single day, working hard, facing the challenges in life with a smile and trying my best to stay positive and live a healthy rich and rewarding life.

We are all a big ‘Worldwide’ family so do not be afraid to drop by comments or share your testimonies, this page is created to share with everyone around the world and we can help each other develop the mindset and right attitude to achieve the kind of life that we all dream of and deserve. We are all in this journey together!

Best wishes to all and for those in New York City, enjoy the ‘beautiful weather’!

‘Follow your dreams and have the courage to live the life that you always wanted! Dream, dedicate, desire and achieve everything that you are ‘truly’ capable of.’

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