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Raise Your ‘Standards’ and go for what you ‘Truly’ Deserve in Life

The key to ‘happiness in life’ is when we are fulfilling our ‘true potential’ really feeling alive and making things happen. An important ‘principle’ that we need to remember is that we need to ‘raise our standards for ourselves and lower the expectations of others’. In this article we will be talking about the importance of setting ‘high standards’ for ourselves, so we can go out and achieve the things that we truly deserve to have in life.

We will be talking about in this article how ‘important’ the standards that we set for ourselves is in creating a ‘healthy and positive life’. In this life, most people are given a ‘normal’ set out talents. We can all walk, we can talk, and our ‘IQ’s are pretty much similar around the 100-120’ and we can all eat sleep etc. The question is why are some people much more successful, healthier, make more money than others? We have examined successful people from the past and the fact is not many of them possessed extremely High IQ’s nor they had a wealthy or rich background. This is what fascinates us, why are some people despite not having the perfect background nor a perfect education having gone to an Ivy League school, yet they turn out to be highly successful? This is the question we are going to answer for you, whether you are struggling to pay off your bills, in a relationship that you wish you had a better or more loving partner or you are just fed up with not being able to achieve your dreams and time for something different. We are going to solve this problem for you and from reading this article we hope everyone can walk off better and ready to set new standards to live the life that you deserve.

A key to success is the ‘standards that you set for yourself’, like the famous life mentor Napoleon Hill has mentioned, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” We firmly believe in this powerful doctrine. This famous line and the principle that it carries has been proven time and time again by people throughout history. Teddy Roosevelt, one of the great presidents in American history was one of the most energetic and vigorous leaders in the nation’s history. He was not a big man, standing just ’5’9”, when he was fighting in the war, he suffered a wound that left him blind in one eye. Nothing really stopped him from being the man that he was, he sets a great example for young Americans with the kind of energy he had. What made him so charismatic is the standards that he set for himself, he did everything with zest, energy and enthusiasm; he went hunting, was a soldier, a magnetic speaker and spoke what he stood for. He took everything into his own hands and did not rely on anyone, historians had said he was one of the most energetic Americans to have ever lived. What made him so great is the ‘high standards that he set for himself’; very well read, pushed himself to the limits, hunted in the most dangerous and wild forests, went fishing and he refused to kill a wounded bear, that is how the birth of ‘The Teddy Bear’ came about. From this story, never settle for less than you deserve, you are more than capable of living a wonderful life.

Another good example from someone that who did not come from a privileged background is no other than the legendary President Lincoln himself. Many would consider ‘Honest Abe’ as he was given the title for his honesty and genuineness to people, the Greatest American President for saving the nation from the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln was born in a Log Cabin in Kentucky, his father was not an educated man, he disapproved of him and self-taught himself to becoming a lawyer. Lincoln was a skinny, tall, lanky kid who was a hard worker, did not have much talents and was unattractive as he himself proclaimed that he was ‘an ugly man’. Before the elections, he went for many jobs as a politician and failed 7 times until he finally won for the Presidency. No one really believed that he would one day, become the most famous person in the United States of America’s history. There is a famous quote by Lincoln which we want to share with you, Lincoln has said ‘whatever you become, be a good one’. Always have standards for yourself that you are going to be better, never believe that your goal or dream is too big. Never let any failures in life lower your standards and never let the expectations of other people, discourage you from achieving your own goals.

The two above examples are from famous people, our greatest presidents in American history. Now we can show you some examples from successful stars that we admire and a kind, caring and successful actress we admire Angelina Jolie is another example of someone who sets high standards for herself, despite what she has to endure throughout her life. She is arguably the most admired woman in this world today, one of the most attractive woman and also an elite Hollywood actress. Throughout her childhood, she has suffered from depression, bullied and her father left her. She did not have a happy teenage upbringing, however she worked herself up, going through the depression, sorting out the differences she had with her famous father and went on to become a successful actress. The kind of humanitarian work she does today, to help poor children and adopting kids from other countries sets her apart. No matter what circumstances, ‘never lower your standards for yourself’. Do not settle for less what than you deserve in life. You are capable of making a difference and you can change the world with the love you give to others, because at the end of the day, it is what you believe in yourself and your actions, what you do for others that the world will remember you by.

Lastly, we from these examples that we have shown you all, we want everyone to start setting goals and having higher standards for yourself. Believe that you are good enough, dress up well, exercise to become healthier. Remember there is only one ‘You’ in this world, nobody else is like you and you have the potential to do something good for this world. We are a fan of the great ‘tenor’ Andrea Bocelli, who possesses one of the best ‘Opera’ voices in this world. If you are blind and have lost of your ‘vision’ so what, Bocelli has become one of the world’s greatest singers, because he did not let his eye-sight stop him from living a great life, he has a wonderful family, kids and a loving wife and has went on to inspire people around the world with his ‘unique gift’. He set a standard for himself to bring great music to this world and has changed the world with his musical influence. If you are not living your dreams, start raising your standards and start working hard on your ‘dreams’, if you are a football player, work hard on it, if you are in business start bringing more enthusiasm into your work. Talent is only a very small part of success, it is the kind of work that we put into and our belief our ourselves that eventually help us to achieve our goals. By raising your standards our dreams become limitless. We would like to conclude with a brilliant quote from his ‘Airness’ Michael Jordan: “Never say never, because limits like fears is only just an illusion.” We live in the United States a ‘free world’ and the place that allows us the opportunity to make any dream come true as we are given limitless opportunities and we have the platform to start from scratch. The most powerful companies in America, Disney, Ford, Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon, Facebook and now Tesla are all created by start-up entrepreneurs. Our dreams are only limited by our imagination, so start raising your own standards my friends and work on your dreams day by day. We are glad to speak to you all on our thoughts and if you have anything that you would like to add, please leave comments below, we wish everyone success and a happy life!

“Logic will get you from A to B, imagination everywhere”.

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