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Adversity helps to bring out the ‘very best’ within us

Building Resilience will help us to achieve what we are ‘truly’ capable of.

Why often the ‘event that was sent to break us’ is actually the ‘miracle’ which will eventually help to ‘make us’:

Hello, this is Weronika here, I hope everyone is enjoying a great week, since ‘Spring’ is nearly coming, I am going to write about the power and will of ‘resilience’, we are so glad that Winter is nearly over and this is a special edition piece to welcome the ‘Spring season’!

In this lifetime, we are going to face many ‘unforeseen events’, that is going to test our courage, willpower and ultimately our strength of character to see how strong we truly are. Many of us will have encountered setbacks, failures, unexpected events during our childhood, however as we look back, these are the events that has actually helped to build the strength necessary for us to achieve the kind of success which we are actually enjoying right now. From this article, we are going to look deep into how ‘the worst events that has happened to us’ throughout our lives can actually help us to gain the ‘strength’ to which is necessary to achieve our dreams. Just like the Rocky quote by Sylvester Stallone, “It is not about how hard you hit, it is about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done.” In the field of psychology, a lot of people have this fear of not wanting to repeat past failures or bad experiences so they stopped trying hard after they are faced with adversity, they did not have this kind of fear before, however since they have encountered a certain event in their life that scared them, so they continue to dwell on this ‘one particular’ event that is holding them back from achieving what they are truly capable of. We hope from reading this article, we can help you to untie this knot and push you on the ‘right path’ to become what you are truly capable of, conquer these fears or setbacks, remember we all have bad experiences in life, but these ‘experiences’ are actually gifts in disguise to push you the next level and shoot you right towards the stars, you have to hit rock bottom to reach the very TOP! Life is about how high you bounce, after you have hit rock bottom, let us begin.

I would like to share my ‘personal experience’ from my life, that I have encountered that really strengthened me as a person. When I was young, a teenager in Poland, I dreamed of going to the United States, travel to different places in Europe and was able to live an incredibly good life very early on in my career. God treated me very well, providing me with great people surrounding me, encouraging my ‘Modelling’ career and I was a young innocent girl who had a very naive and ‘high hopes’ for what the future has in stored for me. Life was beautiful, I managed to travel to Paris in my early twenties, be on top of the Khalifa Tower in Dubai and life was a dream. However, suddenly a year ago, the man in my life left me and my ‘entire world came crushing down’, this was the one big event that changed my life. At first, I could not comprehend it, it was very difficult, I did not want to be poor, I had high hopes about the future and this event was highly unexpected. I never thought something like this can happen, I thought I was never going to survive on my own as I was young and had just enjoyed life and had everything going on for me, a good modelling career and the man that I loved turned out to have cheated on me and betrayed my trust. I was devastated, angry, wanting revenge … all of these feelings. However, I prayed and fixed myself back up, I realised I could not rely on anyone else anymore, I need to become independent, I can survive all by myself, I do not need a man to support me. From this decision, it has made me strong, I was also lucky to find very good kind people who supported me both emotionally and inspired me to pursue my dreams. Now, I am living a good life, even better than the one that I had before, because I am stronger, more independent and have found hard working inspirational people around me. I am now very thankful for what has happened to me, because now I am mature, still very young, understand the direction I am going in life which could not have been better!

From my research, if you have a look, it takes ‘one word of encouragement’ from someone you care about, to totally push you in the ‘right path’ in life, my friends inspired me by ‘believing’ in me and just like how Thomas Edison’s mom told him that he was too smart to go to school, it encouraged him to become the scientist that he was. When you are about to give up, just remember the one event that was sent to break you can be the ‘event’ that actually can totally change you for the better. One of the great singers I admire, Adele, a very successful independent woman, could not have wrote her famous song ‘Hello’, if her boyfriend did not ‘tell her that he loved her and have proposed to her’ and went to marry another woman shattering her heart into pieces in the process. This was a devastating heartbreak for her, however the strong person that she was, she used it as inspiration to write one of the greatest hits of all time. If you are still not living your dreams, go back and have a think about an event in your past, maybe you loved piano, singing or maybe you want to start a business, remember someone told you that you are ‘no good’ that you are bad, cannot do something. That is the ‘lie’ that you need to overcome and use that as ‘motivation’ to help you become your very best, like in the Will Smith movie, ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’, Chris Gardner told his son, ‘Don’t ever let anybody tell you, that you can’t do something’, if you really want to do something you will find a way to do it! I serve as an example, I thought I cannot live without a man, now I am much happier, free and have met much better people in my life! I am happier than I could ever been, do not give up keep pursuing your dreams! Nelson Mandela have endured 27 years in prison to save South Africa from Apartheid, it does not matter what mistake or tragic event you have had in the past, so long as you do not give up, forgive others and work on your dreams, one day you can become that ‘miracle’ that is going to change the world!

“It is always impossible, until it is done”. – Nelson Mandela (20th Century’s Greatest Leaders) You are in ‘TOTAL’ control of your life my friends! You are powerful beyond measure.

There are ‘two types’ of events in our lives, lessons and blessings, when the lessons come we learn from it and when the blessings come we receive and enjoy it. Everything is process helping to make you a better person, so look at it this way, BIG lessons may be tough, but the rewards after it is going to be HUGE! 😉

We wish everyone a happy Spring welcoming, God bless you all and enjoy a SPECTACULAR weekend! Let adversity inspire you towards working harder and more eager for achievement, it really is just fuel to your fire to help you to become the successful person which you are truly meant to be. Develop a positive mindset and train your brain psychologically to always find ways to overcome challenges as you practice this formula, we promise you, you will change for the better, by changing our attitude, our altitude SOARS 😉

“Within every crisis, there lies an equal amount of opportunity”. – Ancient Chinese Proverbs

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