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Seven Highly Effective Ways to Build a ‘Special Connection’ with People

Throughout our lives, our relationships with others is an essential aspect which determines our success, health and happiness.

Maintaining ‘meaningful and healthy connections’ with people who we value and values us can dramatically change the quality of our lives. In this article we are going to introduce you to ‘7 Effective Ways’ to establish a solid relationship with the people surrounding you, so you can improve your relations with others which will help you in your career, love life and your overall happiness in your life.

1. Having a kind heart that cares for others – In the society that we live in, daily work can be stressful, we all need people who cares about others. These people are the leaders in society, giving others the warm and family environment that we need to thrive and provides us with the kind of inspiration that is usually missing when things get tough. Having a good warm, kind heart that loves people and cares for others is the ‘greatest asset’ a person can have, so learn to take on acts of kindness every single day, develop a habit of caring for others, you will find you will become dramatically happier and have more true friends in return for your kindness.

2. Being honest with yourself and to your peers – When we are doing business and interacting with friends, due to the highly competitive society that we live in, we tend to exaggerate our status, income and try to hide our imperfections ‘just so people will like us’. However, this kind of behaviour can make it stressful for us and sooner or later the ‘truth’ will be found out, so it is much better to be ‘down to earth’ and honest with ourselves. Staying humble, not lying to yourself and others, makes you a unique and genuine person. This will help you stand out, because you accept yourself for who you are and is willing to be your true self. This quality is admirable and people will like you, being a fake friend or pretending to be someone that you are not, will not bring you any benefits in life, everyone appreciates a good, genuine and honest person and this will make people want to connect with you, thus improving your social circle.

3. Be willing to lend a helping hand for others in need – The difference between the ‘successful’ and ‘unsuccessful’ people in our society is the successful people ask the question ‘How can I make my life better, how can I make other people’s life better’ whereas the unsuccessful people tend to ask ‘why am I not rich, why do the world treat me like this’. People who are well-liked and live happier, more successful, higher income lives is more willing to ‘serve others’. They do more work and complain less. Everyone appreciates people who are help others and are hard working themselves, if you want more support from your team, learn to serve the community more, be keen to lend a helping hand. In reality we all have a lot of problems and issues to deal with, it is not just you who is struggling in life, we all have our own difficulties. By using the initiative to be the first person in a group to ‘help others’ when they need it, shows leadership qualities and people will more likely to perceive your kindness, thus improving your social connections. Learn to be there for others when no else does it, this not only shows leadership qualities, but makes you someone who has the initiative to do good, this will help your team and by taking on responsibility it will help you further your career as well. Every social group needs a strong leader.

4. Learn to put yourself in other people’s shoes – The main reason why we fight amongst our friends, family members or the person who we are in a relationship with is because we are human beings and we usually think just from our ‘own’ perspective. If we want to have a better understanding with the people we care about, learn to put ourselves in ‘their’ perspective. For example, if your grandfather always complains think of it this way, he is ill and he is lonely that is why he complains a lot, go and make him a cup of tea and listen to him, all he needs is someone who cares. This way you will not get into a fight with him all the time, making yourself unhappy and causing more arguments in the family. Another example can be, if your boss is angry with you for no reason, he may have a bad day, argument with his wife or her husband, that is why they are in a bad mood. Learn to not just forgive, but using reverse psychology to put yourself in the other person’s situation, this will remove the ‘victim mentality’ and make you a lot happier and because you understand social psychology and seek to understand others, your connections with people will dramatically improve as a result.

5. Be the kind of friend, employee or boss that people can trust and rely on – Being a reliable person that people can trust and count on is a rare commodity and these kind of people are highly valued in society. To explain this, these are the people who arrive on time at work, when you call them for an appointment or date, they will be punctual and on time and when you share confidential information with them, you can trust that they will not spread any rumours or give out your secrets to others. Like respect, trust is earned and being a ‘reliable’ person will not only further your career, help you earn extra income at your company, but it makes you a life-long friend that people can rely on. This quality is a must have, if you want to have life long friends and trustworthy people in your circle, become a reliable and trustworthy person, you will definitely go far in your career and have a happier and more satisfying social life.

6. Having personable qualities; good manners, well dressed and integrity – Everyone likes people who are polite, respectful and those who possess a genuine positive energy about them. If you find yourself in the situation complaining every single day, you will quickly lose the friends you used to have and it will not be beneficial to your career. People who are positive and inspiring have a growth mindset, they believe that things happen are either a ‘learning experience’ or ‘a reward’, they do not see failure as failure just lessons. We want you to adopt this kind of mentality, as you are more keen to try things and not take failure or misfortune too much into heart, you will quickly become more adventurous and less skeptical about trying new things. This will make your life more exciting and make you happier as a result. When you develop more positive energy within you, you will become more likeable and thus attracting more friends and opportunities into your life as a result.

7. Learn to talk about other people’s interests, seeing different perspectives and be open to learning new ideas – Most of the conflicts we have with other people is due to different beliefs, ideologies, conflicting religions, differences in the way we look or being too conservative with our own ideas or not accepting other people ideas and ways of living. If we learn to open our mind to learning new things and accepting others for who they are, this will open us to greater opportunities and more friends. Be willing to experience the food of other cultures, interact with people who are of a different ethnic background to you. Everyone in this world has something to teach you that you do not know, so be keen to learn from everyone. People who are open minded to learning will always be surrounded by friends, new friends and these new friends will also want to share ideas and thoughts with someone who is willing to learn. Everyone cares a lot about themselves and they are waiting for someone who can acknowledge and respect them for their talents. You can be that person, who loves to make new friends, learning from other people, this will definitely improve your social interactions with others as you open your mind to new things and ideas, you will also have much more business opportunities and benefit from it in both your career and relationships. The famous American essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson has famously mentioned, “In my walks, every person I meet is my superior in some way, and in I learn from them.” Life is a continuous learning experience and as we are learning we make new friends who are our teachers who will help guide us on our path to healthy living and success.

Thank you for reading, we wish everyone a good weekend. Wish you all good health, success in your career and happy family life.

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