Understanding the Psychology of “What goes around comes back around”.

Work hard to achieve your own goals and make a living, do not depend on others and stay away from manipulation.

The Importance of the RULE of ‘Do others what you want to be done to you’, whatever goes around in life comes back around:

In this article we will discuss about this important phenomenon is all of human psychology. This is the ‘Golden Rule’ of human relationships, whatever you do to others you will usually get the same in return. In this article we will discuss several points that will show you the truth of this important doctrine. Some people may call this ‘phenomenon’ karma, however we will term it the Golden Rule to human relationship, action creates results, so if you do something to others you will get the same in return.

Here are the ways that this truth will occur in life, you will probably have experienced yourself. Let us explain it carefully for you.

Whatever you do to others you will get the same in return. There is no such thing as a ‘free lunch’ in this world that we live in, there is a price for everything in life. If you want to live a life with dignity, you put in hard work and achieve what you want in life. However most people in this world are lazy, they do not want to work for ‘success’, that is why their are criminals, manipulators, gold diggers, con-artists, prostitutes, gamblers and child molesters. It is a dangerous world that we live in and these things all exist in this world. If you are reading this and you have done something that you know it is morally wrong, it is not too late to change, but if you do not change you will get the same results like you always have.

When you think that you can outsmart another person, Karma will make sure you get the same ‘amount’ of damage that you have done the other person. Karma’s revenge will not happen immediately, but it will happen eventually. Adolf Hitler the greatest manipulator in history, was able to fool the entire German population into his plans for hatred, but eventually the Allied Forces found a way to defeat him, the resilient Russian forces despite losing huge amount of lives was able to withstand them. Fact about life, if you are a manipulator, you think you can get rich by fooling people, you will never achieve anything, because if you do not have money or if you are just seeking power, the person that you are seeking will ‘always’ be the one in power, it is important that we adopt the ‘hard work’ principle to get ahead and create genuine relationships, we can only win if we put in the work. Manipulation is the pathway to ‘disaster’.

There are also a lot of books out there especially in the world of ‘dating’, you do not need to have a degree or be educated to write books that are best-sellers these days, there are numerous spam books written that promise to deliver. Do not fall into the trap of reading things that involve tactics or instant cures for your ‘dating’ life or promise you to become a ‘player’ who will be great with the opposite sex. These books do not teach you how to love, the proper way, they teach you ‘psychological manipulation’, if you manipulate other people, you will be taken advantage in return.

Very few people in this world will get fooled a second time, if the person is fooled they will also likely to come with revenge, so whatever goes around comes back around. People who are involved in the entertainment industry will often seek Directors and upper people to advance their careers, especially young aspiring models and young actresses, manipulating men to get ahead, but they are also selling their bodies and sex and abusing themselves, otherwise these men will not let them get forward if they can gain some sort of profit from the advances. The old saying “Whatever goes around comes back around”, is true, if you want to live life with dignity and honour and have a sense of pride with yourself, learn to do things the proper way. It will keep you mentally and psychological health and help you maintain a mindset that chooses the right path of hard work and determination and away from the dangerous world of ‘manipulation’.

Intelligent people work towards their goals and lazy people will get their way around thinking they can out-smart others and get money easily, this is also especially true for young attractive women who are lazy and do not want to work to make a living, by hanging onto older men, who are ‘playboys’, usually these men have not experienced much love when they are younger, so they pray on lazy attractive women by showering them with gifts. Both of these people have a need that they can offer each other, the younger women is ‘too lazy’ to work for money and the older men is ‘too lazy’ to work and find a real woman to love. Therefore in exchange of sex, the younger women will secure a life of luxury, this is a vicious cycle that only harms the young women, because the cost of sex is huge on women, the older men generally have money to spend and have the fun, but when the younger women who is dependent on money is left behind with no one, she will carry on manipulating other rich sugar daddies for more money, she abuses her own body to get forward, but the reality is she does not develop the skills to make money. She may be able to get along well during her early 20’s, but as the beauty fades into her mid 20’s she still will reminisce about her past experiences of luxury and easy life, the trips and all the goods she can get easily, she will engage in more sexual acts to get this feeling, eventually similarly to Anna Nicole Smith, when she is into her late 20’s or 30’s, the beauty effect will fade, she will no longer have her powers and this will lead to depression as she cannot earn her own money, because she lacks education and is unable to make this kind of money herself. Rich playboy men will no longer want to do with older women, unfortunately, these women will follow a down path of self-destruction, so it is important to never ‘manipulate’, never become ‘lazy’, work hard and earn your own money, if you can make a living yourself, no matter who leaves you, you will still be able to support yourself.

To conclude this article, we should learn to stay true and understand the concept of ‘what goes around comes back around’, the article explains carefully the dangers of ‘manipulation’ and the harmful effects it causes people in society. If we want to live a life of dignity and a life that we are proud of, we need to work for ourselves and earn our own money through hard work which will enable us to enjoy life and not become dependent on others. We have experienced and gave examples of dangerous effects manipulation can have and we must stay away from manipulators and ‘never’ manipulate people ourselves.

This is the Golden Rule of human relationships, treat others the way we want to be treated and we will always get something good back, treat people with kindness and what we get will be ‘HAPPINESS’.

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