Developing a Legendary Work Ethic so nothing can stop you (The Importance of Hard Work)

The importance of ‘hard work’ is often overlooked in our society as we tend to praise talent or beauty as signs of admiration. What we do not realise is that these amazing beautiful people that are successful, often went through much more hardship than you can imagine. If you look at the story of Albert Einstein, who was not able to speak until he was four years old, Walt Disney’s countless rejections and Oprah Winfrey’s story of being pregnant when she was 14 years old, being rejected for not being attractive enough and Angelina Jolie’s story of her father abandoning the family, suffering from suicidal thoughts and depression, you will learn to understand that everything in life is hard earned. Michael Jordan said that it is “failure that gave me strength”, him getting cut from his high school basketball team and not even being drafted as the ‘Number 1” NBA draft gave him the drive, push and the ferocity to succeed in his basketball endeavours. This is what we call ‘Legendary Work Ethic’, here are the rules for how to develop this sort of work ethic, so you can achieve anything that you want in life.

1. Knowing the Golden Rule – Hardwork = Success

Nothing good in life comes easily, John F. Kennedy has said, “As not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”. This is very true because you get what you deserve in life. A lot of people rely on tricks, playing and cruise through life, thinking they can get away with things just by being smart and manipulative, that they can use other people to achieve anything, whether it is money, luxury or success. These people will never get an recognition, because all success in life is hard earned. You need to put in ‘real work’ to become the ‘real deal’ in life. Nothing in life comes easy, if you want to build a muscular body you have to go to work in the gym and if you want to build a legendary company, you have to start from scratch, the good thing is that Microsoft and Apple, both started in the garage, in the Western Society you are pretty much given all the opportunity you have to achieve BIG in life. This is very important rule to remember, if you want something you go work for it, just straight up REAL and work for it, no one was ever born a Champion, Michael Phelps the Olympic swimming legend, said “You can’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get.” He has won more gold medals or total medals than any other athlete, even on Christmas day he is swimming, if you want to achieve in life, work ridiculously hard and become obsessed with your craft only this way can you succeed. Lazy people will always end up a loser, Anna Nicole Smith, Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson are prime examples, you can not use your talent to make a living, a lot of young women sell sex to achieve a rich and luxurious life, but they end up killing themselves in the process, because they will be used and abused. Everything in life is hard earned, Selena Gomez, Adele and Jessica Alba earned their own money, look at how successful they are. Work hard and then you will achieve success.

2. Hang out with legends to become a legend FOLLOW the advice from legends

If you want to become a aspiring bodybuilder or a world class football player, read Arnold Schwarzenegger’s books, see how he trains and adopt that training routine, if you want to become a great football player or soccer player watch Lionel Messi and adopt his mindset and training philosophy. We human beings are social creatures and we like to adapt to the environment that surrounds us, if you want to develop a legendary work ethic, do the same things as legends do, young women, if you aspire to become a top supermodel, follow the styles of ‘Top Models’, look at how Heidi Klum dresses, follow Adriana Lima’s advice and learn from them who have already become rich, famous and successful. The goal is to focus all your energy on hard work and follow those who are also hard working, that is how ‘Success’ will last, one hit wonders that just flirted with success are usually the ones that do not have authenticity to them, videos such as the ‘Crazy Frog’ the ‘Psy Gangnum’ style do not last, because they do not have true material value in them. Work very hard and create authenticity in your work, all legends have this kind of work ethic and drive, nobody played the game of basketball like Michael JORDAN did, nobody boxed like the way Muhammad Ali did, nobody sang the way Michael Jackson did as you follow the work habits of these legends, you do not go out and ‘Copy’, you remain your true individual self, but follow their hard work ethic, like reading a text-book or adopting a ‘psychological mindset of a winner’, you too can become like one of these people one day.

3. Execution and taking action to get things done – Persist until it is successful

LeBron James one of the most successful basketball players ever, endured many years of criticism with people telling him that he could not win an NBA Championship, people criticised him for swapping teams so he could win a championship which led to a lot of scrutiny from his hometown fans. He stuck to his own goals and achieved his dream of winning an NBA Championship despite the huge criticism and death threats and other personal insults. Even if it was very tough he did not give up on winning a Championship for his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers, he went back to Cleveland against all odds and the most successful NBA team in history the Golden State Warriors of 2016 with a 73-9 record and won the NBA Crown. This called persistence, despite all the setbacks LeBron James was ‘true’ to his words and he delivered when it is necessary. There is an old saying, when you really want to accomplish something the ‘heavens and skies will help you to make it happen’. All the major breakthroughs and human inventions are created by people who stuck to their believes and took action and achieved the results by sticking to what they believed in. Martin Luther King’s dream of abandoning the Jim Crowe Laws was achieved, because he persisted until the end, Nelson Mandela won against Apartheid, recent history has given us the ‘Electric’ car, that Elon Musk promised to us. Everything and anything is achievable if you put your mind to it and work on a plan to achieve it. Soon we will have ‘flying cars’ and we will be able to live on Mars as a human species, have a goal and persist right until the end, you will be successful. This is the last KEY ingredient to building that ‘legendary work ethic’.

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