Discovering Your Life Purpose

The best thing you can ever do for ‘yourself’ or achieve is to find your ‘purpose’ in life …

There are ‘two most important days’ in your life … the day you are born and the ‘day you found out why’.

Today, we are going to discuss a very important aspect to living.  Finding out thIs secret has the power to transform your life and guide you towards becoming the best version of yourself.  Understanding your ‘purpose’ in life is ‘the best decision’ and accomplishment you can achieve for both yourself and the society that we live in.

I want you to have a deep think about ‘what is your purpose’ here on earth, the talents that you have, your background, your interests and ‘what you like doing the most’.

This message does not provide you with a ‘miracle’ pill, or instant ‘shine of light’ or even magic that will suddenly transform your life, because in everything we do in ‘real’ life, we have to work hard and achieve it step by step.

Through this message, by the end of it, you will be able to walk away with it a clear mind of where you want to go in life to pursue the kind of life you ‘really want to live’, a life that you desire and go on to use your life to ‘do the things you really want to’.  By finding out your ‘purpose’ in life is similar to taking off the ‘blind-fold’ you have on, the life that society or your environment has forced to live and start opening your eyes and walk, run or fly towards the destination that you want to move towards.

‘What is our purpose here in this world?’ This is the topic that we will be discussing.

First of all, I want everyone to take out a piece of paper and write down ‘five’ important factors that defines your purpose in life.

For Example:

What is my purpose in life: (These Well-Defined Purposes in Life will help you attract the things you want in life)

  1. To make ‘enough’ money, so I can have the freedom to do the things I love
  2. To travel and share my knowledge of inspiration around the world
  3. To be loved and respected by myself and the community
  4. To make my family and the people I care about proud
  5. To be remembered as a ‘respected’ and valuable member of society

Making Money through business to achieve financial freedom:

It does not have to be too specific, however by listing down these factors, it will give you a ‘sense of direction’ to the life path that you want to live.  If you want to make ‘enough’ money, so you can go wherever you want to and not have to worry about the financial aspect of things, your mind will help you to achieve this by moving towards a business that will help you achieve this goal.  This purpose will help you find a suitable career and maximise your talents to help you make this happen.  When you are doing your business, for example for me I am a professional model and a blogger, I will be maximising my talents to use it for marketing and selling useful products to benefit the society and I am providing psychological help to the community to help me with the financial goals.  Mozart was great with music, so he concentrated on making ‘Masterpieces’ to help him achieve the financial goals, Michael Jordan played basketball, Bill Gates created Software and Henry Ford made cars.  My personal heroes include Chanel, Elle McPherson because these people have similar life paths to me and also Oprah Winfrey as she also aspires to help people with the cause that she is pursuing on her Show and other Entrepreneurship aspects.

Travel and share knowledge of inspiration around the World:

I had the privilege of traveling when I was in my teens and early twenties and was blessed to visit the biggest cities around the world.  I have traveled to Asia, Taiwan and Singapore, Dubai, UK, France, Italy and currently residing in New York City and was privileged to go to Washington DC, Chicago and Los Angeles.  Throughout this traveling, I was able to meet a lot different personalities and expand my network and have become mature after these valuable experiences in life.  An important purpose in our lives that we should consider is ‘how can we bring value to the society and other people’s lives through our actions?’  I want to inspire people, I have been through a lot in life during my young years and grew up very quickly due to many different experiences I have seen the best and worst, so I want to use this knowledge I have to ‘inspire people around the world’ and use my limited ‘life time’ to help people. If you have other talents for example, in sports, in speaking or even painting, you should use your work to ‘inspire’ others to achieve their dreams.  The world is constantly growing, so the best thing you can do for yourself, others and the world is to use your ‘talents’ to give ‘inspiration’ to encourage others to do well.  When everybody is doing well, the ‘entire world grows’ and we get to ‘live in a better society’.

To be loved and respected by myself and the community:

As a young woman, I have entered the real world at a very young age, starting off my modelling career as a teenager.  I did not know what I was getting into and had a vague idea of becoming famous, a star, living the glamorous life and soon I was brought down back to earth, very hard.  I have experienced the good life getting to travel around the world, being admired for my beauty, but also the dangerous and dark aspects of the entertainment industry.  I strongly encourage people to seek ‘friends that truly respect’ you as a person, not for lust or trying to get benefits out of you, good people do exist, hold onto them.  These people are ‘very rare’ in the entertainment industry that I worked in, but they do exist.  We should always be seeking people ‘love and respect’ others, they are the real ‘gold’ in society, because we all face difficulties and sometimes unforeseen circumstance.  These angels will help us especially sometimes in my work place, due to the stress sometimes it is even hard to love yourself because you are too busy competing and getting forward, even if you forget to love yourselves ‘Real Friends’ will be there for you to encourage you.  Do not ever let the lust for power, money or even sexual attraction mislead you, always seek true friends and people who care they are the real ‘sexy people’ in society and they only bring benefits without taking advantage of you.  I was fortunate to find people who are as kind as ‘Mother Theresa’ during my modelling career, that is why I survived and able to past my knowledge and inspiration onto you wonderful people, I am blessed and thankful to be speaking with you all now.

To make my family and the people I care about proud:

As a professional model, I felt a bit empty when the only thing you are getting noticed or valued by is your ‘face’ or the kind of ‘image’ that you portray. I want to seek the ‘truth’ in life and find out ‘what is the real meaning of life’ that is why I believe going through so much as a young woman has a purpose.  This purpose is using this experience to inspire other people and help others, so they do not have to go through so much like I had to.  I am thankful for all the experiences I have had, it has enabled me to become a stronger person.  No life is perfect, we all have to fail big before we can achieve anything significant in life as Winston Churchill once mentioned “success is going through failure to failure without the loss of enthusiasm”.  Do not be afraid to fail or making mistakes in life, since I was very young and naive when I first got into the ‘REAL’ world, I did not know much about the society, so I have been mistreated and totally absorbed by the powerful people in my industry, now through these experiences I learnt to take control of my ‘own’ life and pursue the life that I ‘truly’ want to live.  I am proud of myself and my ‘colleague’ has helped me tremendously, helping me to believe in myself and become inspired.  Life can knock us down, but we can choose to get back up, I have been knocked down so many times in this ‘battle called life’, we all cry, we all get hurt, but at the end of the day, we should be proud of ourselves having made it and survived.  Be strong, be courageous and be confident, I can tell you the ‘modelling profession’ is not easy, I had to go through a lot, but each and every experience I had I am thankful as it made me a strong person, so I can use this knowledge to encourage you all and provide help for you all to become your ‘true’ confident selves.  Remember this my friends, “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent”, some people may look down on you, because you have made mistakes in life, however as Eleanor Roosevelt the former First Lady of the United States have mentioned, if you hold your head up high and do not put yourself down nobody can.  The mistakes you made in life are valuable lessons, that is why I am standing here today, proud of what I was able to go through and carry on pursuing my dreams and working towards my health.  We all should be proud of ourselves, because we have all survived so much to be here today, alive and kicking!

To be remembered as a respected and valuable member of society:

The martial arts legend Bruce Lee has once mentioned, “The Key to Immortality is first Living a Life that is Worth Remembering”.  I want you to ask yourself the question, ‘How will I like to be remembered?’  It doesn’t matter right now if you are rich, have an alcohol addiction, divorced, not having a job or suffering from unforeseen illnesses.  We all are faced with many problems in life, really sit down and have a think about this question and write down a note for yourself.  Ask yourself this question, “When I die, what will people say at my funeral?”  Will people feel resentment, will they remember me as a good person, a person of value, a good friend or someone that people are relieved that you are gone!  I hope not!!  Have a close look at your life know, the habits you are engaging in, the things that you are doing, if you do not like it or if you think people are going to say bad things about you when you are gone, stop it right now!  You do not want to be remembered as a joke, so stop that behaviour!  Anne Frank the famous Jewish girl who wrote her diary during the Holocaust, said “dead people receive more flowers”, because regrets is stronger than gratitude.  Lets start to get real people, if you love someone tell them, if you care about a cause start pursuing it right away, the clock is ticking we never know how much time we really have.  If we are living a life that we do not desire or know that is not what we truly want, we have to have the encourage to ‘change’.  Only through ‘change’ can we start becoming better, really start managing your habits and learn to control temptation and be thankful for this amazing experience we have ‘called life’.

I wish everyone all the best in ‘finding your true purpose’ in life, once you have found it you will go on to live the life that you desire.  This is a ‘Big’ topic, so I will be discussing it later on, I am happy for everyone to contribute their ideas in the forum and remember to check out my website for more daily articles of inspiration, I welcome feedback and wish everyone a happy, rewarding and joyful weekend!  Thank you for following my journey as always all feedback and discussion are more than welcome, we grow together as ‘ONE’ big ‘world family’.


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