The Importance of Becoming a Self-Reliant Independent Women

Hello, this is Weronika here. I want to share a personal story with you the lessons I learnt in my life.

Being a ‘beautiful’ woman, on the outside it may seem you have a wonderful life, everybody treating you well, want to be with you and pamper to your needs, especially men with money hoping that material goods will impress you to be with them. However, this is lonely, frustrating and it leaves you unhappy.

No matter how much money, how expensive the dates men take you on, it is very important to understand that these things are only temporary. You have to ask yourself, are they actually doing these acts genuinely or they are just trying to get something out of you?

As a woman who wants ‘true love’ in life, someone who desires romance, someone who is looking for marriage to start a real family that two people care about each other as human beings, I have learnt throughout my youth, that it is so important to be an ‘independent, self-reliant women’. We women are human beings, we can make money ourselves, just because we are beautiful and look good, does not mean that from your ‘money’ you can buy us to be your ‘slave’.

I have experienced bad relationships where men try to lie and cheat, using dreams and all sorts of ways to make me ‘love’ them only to realise their main goal is to have a ‘sexual relationship’ with me, because of ‘the way I look.’ My beauty or looks as I would say all women are beautiful in their own way, is ‘given to me by my parents’, it does not have anything to do with who I am as a person. Throughout my life, I have been misjudged or people creating an illusion about me, because of the way I look.

I would truly appreciate it, just because I am a ‘model’, I would like to be valued as a person, I have friends and have dated ‘rich men’, I am not impressed by men with a lot of money, it is a ‘sign of success’, I would agree, but I am much more interested and desire to be with people who have dreams, who treat women as a ‘gentlemen’ and who have ‘real intentions’ of loving a person. Life is difficult, people do need each other financially, people want the richest and people want the most beautiful people to be with, however as I have experienced life, the most important thing is you have a ‘real friend’ and ‘true love’ that loves you unconditionally and support you as a ‘real human being’.

I do not care how ‘rich’, how many cars, how big your house is, that does not impress me as a woman. I work very hard as a ‘self-reliant, independent’ woman, I may not be the richest or the most pretty, but I have dignity, I encourage all women to stand up for themselves, work hard, make friends with the men you love, be their friend, be their support, stay away from men who want to treat you as their pet. We are ‘NOT’ something that you own, we are ‘human beings’, we want to be treated with respect as your support, your partner. I am thankful to go on this journey of passing on a clear message to everyone with my colleague. I want to encourage all women around the world to learn to become independent, a rich man who has money can be a good support, but only if it is ‘real love’, only if they truly care about you as a woman, we do not need to become dependent on ‘anyone’. We can support ourselves, only spend your time with people who want the best for you, a friend having money is a great bonus, but only have people around you that have ‘integrity’ and always strive for independence. Men respect women who are ‘independent’ and strong, who work hard towards their dreams, this gives them a life long partner, who is a good advisor and a best friend who supports and encourages them to do well when the man in your life sees that you are also working hard, he will respect you more and encourage you to do well. It is the ‘ultimate’ winning combination!

My last message is ‘do not chase money’ without morals, you will only attract bad people into your lives. It is great to chase ‘money and dreams’ together, because the dreams in your life will help you achieve all the ‘money’ goals that you desire. Use money to do good and make money yourself, you will thank yourself for a life time for it! Money and dreams are like men and women they go hand in hand with each other, one cannot do without the other. Sincere money goals driven by dreams is like a good woman finding a good man the two will work in harmony with each other.

Be a self-reliant woman and be an ‘independent’ woman that your man love and other women admire. God bless! Wish everyone around the world a happy, healthy, driven and successful day.

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