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How to Develop ‘Courage’ for Success

Letting go of ‘fear’ so we can go out there and accomplish what we truly deserve in life.

Here are the important ‘keys’ to be brave enough to go after what you want.

1. Do something that you are afraid of everyday, to develop your resistance to fear.

2. Your dreams are more important than your fears – Everybody is afraid of something, but those who conquer their fears will eventually achieve what they are capable of.

3. Get used to failure – A good way to improve your ‘mind psychology’ and develop confidence is ‘door to door’ sales, through this challenge you will be faced with countless rejections and rudeness. Life is similar to this, but if you try hard enough and fail a lot, the more chances you take the more likely you will succeed. Once you get used to this process you will have the thick skin to conquer fear.

4. The importance of taking action and practice – The more we do something the less we will have fear, for example when you first go out in the dating world or the business world, you are a novice, have not developed any skills, therefore you do not know what you are doing that is why you fear rejection. The more you fear rejection, the more you fear failure, the more you fear failure, the less likely you are to do something. This is the same with people who are afraid of quitting there job and starting there own business, because they fear bankruptcy and not getting the money they use to on a daily basis. The way to break this bad habit is take action and ‘just get into it’, the more women or men you date vice versa, the better you will be at the dating game, because we learn from experience. The more job interviews you have the more likely you will find the job of your dreams and the more you prepare for your business and the more you fail, the more experience you will have. Taking action will lessen the stress you have with the ‘fear of failure. The same goes with women who ‘fear’ that they will not have the support of a man or some women rely on multiple men for financial support, I am telling you, break the habit of relying on the ‘fear of failure’ and go out and take control of your own life. When we learn to control ‘fear’, we take control of our lives.

5. Lastly, to conquer fear is to see ‘fear’ is just a psychological mindset – Fear really is just an illusion created inside your brain to stop or prevent us from getting hurt. Human beings have learnt this throughout history, because the fear of dying has prevented us from getting killed this is crucial for survival. However, we should not fear failure so much that we end up not living. Planes, trains and rockets will not be invented if we have not conquered fear. Thousands of years back, men have feared the rejection of women, because back in the Ancient days, if a man is rejected by one woman, he will not be seen as worthy, so the whole village of women will desert him! He will end up without a mate, even though this sounds silly, but men these days still fear rejection of the opposite sex, because of this psychological behaviour, same goes with women being afraid of losing a man. These days women are fully capable of supporting themselves, but throughout history the psychological state or mind of women have learned to be dependent on men for financial support, to achieve dreams we need to conquer this fear. Once we have conquered fear we can create ‘new ideas’, break ‘new records’ and go out and achieve new things. Scientists are the masters at conquering fear of failure, Thomas Edison has said that ‘I have not failed 10,000 times’, I just found ’10,000 ways’ that don’t work. This is the kind of attitude we should adopt, Elon Musk’s 4th Rocket attempt, but the previous 3 left him almost bankrupt, learn to face the ‘fear of failure’ head on, this is how you are going to marry the person of your dreams, be in the career of your choice and learn to reach your full potential.

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