How to Develop a ‘Winning Mindset’

5 Ways to Develop a ‘Winning Mindset’:

1. Believe that you are going to win – In sports, the winning team is the one that has the psychological edge over the other team believing that they are superior. This how Alexander was able to use less men to fight off the Spartans who had twice the amount of soldiers. When you believe that you are going to win, you will plan carefully, develop strategies and already have a clear picture in your head of the outcome, so make sure you first of all, know that you are ‘going to win’. In boxing, Mike Tyson’s opponents are already scared before going into the ‘Ring’, so it is very important that you understand this psychology.

2. Overwork & overdo things when you are preparing to do something – When we overwork we get better, if the other person is lazy, we put in the effort we will be able to beat someone who is much stronger or more talented than us. Hard work beats talent when talent does not work hard, this the Tortoise and the Hare analogy.

3. Surround yourself with winners – Talk to winners, listen to winners and associate with winners. Nothing is worse than listening to someone who complains a lot, soon you will feed off that negativity. A tip to stay on a winning mindset is to kick or throw out all the negative energy surrounding you and get rid all the people who are dragging you down. Surround yourself with winning mindsets, when your are surrounded by people with ideas, entrepreneurs and CEOs, top athletes, you will also develop a mindset that is just as driven. Bill Gates is friends with Warren Buffet, Michael Jordan is friends with Scottie Pippen, the top people associate with the very best, so surround yourself with winners to become a winner.

4. See failure as ‘Stepping-Stones’ – Each failure we encounter is not actually failure if you do not see it as failure. When we are learning to walk as a child, we fall and we cry, but we get up right away and keep on walking. This goes the same with failure, unfortunately the school system makes us think that failure is a bad thing, by getting a bad mark and only getting an A will ensure you have a good life. Real life does not work this way, through real life we grow and develop ourselves through trial and error. Just like driving, you do not become a good driver just by learning the theory, you go out and make mistakes as you go, that is why I recommend driving an average car when you are learning, you do not want to crash in a Ferrari, first it will be costly, secondly you will get hurt! Michael Jordan has said, “I have failed over and over again, that is why I succeed”, embrace failure and do not see it as a problem and you will find out that failure are just learning experiences to help you get better. See failed relationships or break-ups not as a ‘death-sentence’, but an experience for you to learn to find someone better, learn to use past experiences as a learning experience, chances are you are more likely to find someone much better.

5. Lastly, to become a winner you have to be persistent – Persevere through all the tough times and become very hard nosed and embrace the challenges that life throughs at you, a winning ‘mindset’ comes with a ‘Winning Attitude’, by being extremely persistent, you will seek your goal to the end and eventually you will become a WINNER. Good luck everyone.

By Rogowska Therapy and Team

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