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How to deal with ‘bad’ habits

HABITS How to deal with ‘bad’ habits and have the courage to find the relationships you deserve (For Women by Weronika Rogowska):

In the modern society, especially the Western Society we live in the dating world is a cruel and harsh environment which can easily mislead us into bad habits.

As a young aspiring model, actresses and anyone in the entertainment industry the jobs and roles to make money is highly competitive. Sometimes you can go days without getting a role with no money to support you, yet your ‘level of attractiveness’ becomes the only money making too you have, because you do not have an education or other skills.

For these young women with dreams as I have experienced myself, life becomes very difficult, you want to make the money for your family, you want to succeed, you have big dreams of making it on Broadway or making it into the pages of Victoria Secrets, yet the only way to do this is through people with power. The people with power in the industry are men, these men are cruel, they have the power and know the fact that you want money.

This is where the exploitation of young ‘attractive’ women happens in the entertainment industry, such as modelling and acting. Powerful men abuses these young women into sexual relations with them and use them for their own pleasure, praying on these innocent young women’s sexuality for their own entertainment. Unfortunately, I have experienced this and I encourage young aspiring models to study and have a degree, along with their aspiration for a career in the ’Spotlight’, this way they can support themselves, otherwise when the only skill you have is your ‘attractiveness’, it leaves you no choice, but to submit to the powerful people in the industry.

When the only people you rely on are people with power, yet you do not have an education, this will become a bad habit, yet a vicious cycle you cannot get out of. When attractiveness is your only tool, you need to maximise it to your full advantage to make sure you get the life you deserve as men in the industry and rich men who have power abuses their power, as a young women I have to learn ways to adapt to the environment. To live a good life, I have to hang on to rich men, to make sure me and my family get sponsored and have a good living. This led to using men’s abusive powers for sex against them, by playing to their needs and getting what I want, being able to travel and see places. This is the least I can do, I can get to visit places and learn, this is what got me in the field of psychology.

The ‘Entertainment’ industry and modelling is a very tough industry, going through it I want to warn you about this tough environment. I want you all to succeed and live a good life, I believe in all of the aspiring models. I wish you all success.

I have been a victim of this and I do not want you to go through what I have, I have survived and want to encourage young people to follow the right path to succeed. I have found it very difficult to enter a relationship where there is ‘love’, because people have always taken my attractiveness for granted, men in the industry all tend to use me for their own interests. I strongly encourage young women to stand up to themselves and live the life they deserve. Find someone who loves you for who you are, show other people your real personality, do not use men’s power against them, even though you may get all the luxury through manipulation, beating men at their own game, all you get is money and bad sex. Learn to make your own money and become an independent women who have dignity.

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