7 Ways to ‘Dream Big’

1. Visualise – close your eyes imagine that your dreams have already been fulfilled. Form a picture of this inside your head.

2. Imagination – A great ideas and every invention is created through a person’s mind and you have to imagine something as real before you can ‘make it’ your REALITY.

3. Think BIG – Most people do not achieve big not because they are not capable of ‘achieving’ it is because they do not set big goals, therefore they aim too low and hit the low targets. Learn to set big goals with a good plan. If you can see it, then you can touch it, learn to think outside the box and set Bigger goals to achieve bigger things in life.

4. Write down all your dreams – Your thoughts need to enter the ‘Material World’ to make it physical. That is why it is very important to set clear written goals. This is similar to an athlete putting in hard work at the gym, we need to actually take action to make dreams come true. Once the thoughts are clearly written down onto a piece of paper, they can actually be realised. This is signalising to the brain, that these are the targets to hit, so your mind will start doing the work and help you bring your thoughts into reality.

5. Surround yourself with Dreamers – It is crucial for us to associate with people with positive energy because we are social creatures and we feed off what is surrounding us in our environment. Psychologists have shown that we are the 5 people or habits of the 5 people we surround with daily, so we need to surround us with high-achievers if we want to achieve our dreams. Make sure your friends and the people you are with have good habits and quickly remove the ones who are not on the same path. We make the mistake thinking we can change our friends, think of how hard it is to change ourselves, we cannot change other people only they can change themselves. To achieve our dreams we need to constantly upgrading our peer-group and be with the people who are on the right path, if we want to be led to the right path.

6. Have Mentors – We need to have mentors, people who have already achieved their dreams to help us, so they can lead us to the correct path and help speed up our process of achieving our dreams. This is important, because they are the ones who have experience. That experience can be taught to the younger generation who inspire to achieve their dreams. We achieve by standing on the shoulders of giants.

7. Hard work with Enthusiasm – The last step to achieve your dreams is to develop the passion and obsession with your dreams. Like ‘Thomas Edison’, said “Nothing Great was Ever Achieved Without Enthusiasm”, it is crucial that we are fully dedicated to what we have envisioned and do whatever it takes to achieve what we set out to do. This way nothing will stop us from attaining our goals and aspirations.

By: Weronika and Jeff from Rogowska Therapy

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